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Abd Al-Fattah Shehada

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With the participation of four pioneering projects by An-Najah National University students, and under the supervision of Dr. Yahya Saleh, Director of the An-Najah Center for Innovation and Industrial Partnership (NAPEC), and Engineer Muhammad Dweikat, a member of the award jury, representing An-Najah National University in the ceremony of crowning and honoring the winning students of the Palestine Creativity Award. And excellence in technical solutions in the fields of “soil, water, agriculture, clean energy”, from the universities of An-Najah, Jerusalem, Birzeit, and Hebron, and organized by the Jerusalem Center for Technology and Entrepreneurship at Al-Quds University, in partnership with the Palestinian Center for Communication and Development Policy, In cooperation with the Leaders Foundation...

The celebration included a lecture on the failure of entrepreneurial projects, entitled “After Failure,” presented by A. Dina Zabaneh from the Leaders Foundation, with the aim of transforming negative thoughts associated with failure into useful scientific experiences for entrepreneurs, and encouraging students and researchers to start their pioneering projects and not stop at a specific point of failure, stressing that failure is the beginning of a successful path in the life of a diligent student. Who aspires to realize his ideas and projects, especially when he has the initiative and determination to succeed

The student supervisors from the partner Palestinian universities thanked the Palestinian Center for Development Policy for organizing the award, and Engineer Dweikat pointed out that the experience of university students in this competition is very important. He thanked Al-Quds University for hosting and the Palestinian Center for Development Policy for making this celebration a success. Pointing out that students today offer unique experiences and practical scientific aspects that appear through their competing projects, and these projects lead them to realistic and supportive goals for the Palestinian community through establishing small companies for students in the future.

The team of Sora Qalalwa and Raghad Amarneh has qualified to represent An-Najah National University, as the idea of their project is based on treating the water of the Palestinian Jordan Valley ponds used for irrigation from algae and the resulting problems by pumping chemicals using a pump that feeds on the energy generated by a solar cell, and the Ceiling Decoration Team. Al-Hait, Nour Saqf Al-Hait and Zein Abu Eida with their project specialized in producing electrical energy from plant roots, and the team of Saja Mazen and Diana Odeh, where their project is based on the whole problem of anaerobic sludge and taking advantage of it to generate energy, and the student Abdel Fattah Shehadeh in his project, which represents a solution to exploiting the water used in showering. Through a bathtub with a unique and modern design that enables it to filter, store and pump water, making it a home cell capable of filtering and storing gray water and pumping it to toilets and agricultural areas.

The students’ participation comes on the sidelines of the partnership between the Al-Najah Center for Innovation, the Industrial Partnership “NAPEC” and the Palestinian Center for Development Policy. The award-winning teams were selected by a jury formed from representatives of each Palestinian university participating in the award, and the Al-Najah Center for Innovation was nominated for the award. And the industrial partnership engineer Muhammad Dweikat to be the representative of An-Najah National University in the joint arbitration committee

Dr. Saleh congratulated the student Shehadeh on his victory, conveying to him the message of the administration of An-Najah National University, represented by the Acting President of An-Najah University, Professor Dr. Maher Natsheh.

Dr. Saleh added that the university will always remain alongside its students in their local and international forums, noting that this partnership between the Al-Najah Center for Innovation, the Industrial Partnership “NAPEC” and the Palestinian Center for Development Policy is not the only one that we are convening to support university students, but rather we are in communication. Complete with all institutions and parties interested in leadership and creative projects, to form a link for our students with the outside world.


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