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Mazen Salman

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The young tweeter, “soso eyad,” wrote on Facebook, “Are you jealous of me because I am Palestinian?! It’s okay, if I were in your place, I would be happy!”
A short and small phrase that expresses the pride and pride in the souls of the Palestinians, and their adherence to nationality and homeland. Their pride, which is supposed to be distributed over the land, the people, and the homeland, is intensified by the nationality of the Palestinian people and the sacrifices and shining examples they offer, after losing their land and homeland.

The Palestinians also take retroactive pride in the fact that if this catastrophe had happened to another people, they would have dissolved into the diaspora and their cause would have lost its standing. Indeed, some Palestinians consider that it is part of God’s wrath against the “Jews” that He chose for them a mighty people like the Palestinian people.

The Italian city of Milan elects Somaya Abdel Qader (38 years old) to the city’s parliament. Thus, Somaya is considered the first Muslim and Palestinian woman to enter the Milan parliament.
On the other hand, the Palestinian lost his lands, groves, and property in Palestine as a result of the Nakba, so he realized that he had to search for capital to carry him when he came and went, so he focused on science and education, until the Palestinian emerged in this field, and recorded clear excellence in the scientific, literary, artistic, social, and other fields. Throughout the years of the Nakba.

Has this Palestinian brilliance in the world diminished with the passage of time? In a quick and condensed inventory of Palestinian creativity in the recent period, it is clear that Palestinian creativity has doubled in the last year, and perhaps what has increased its brilliance is the rise of the media, the speed of access, and the power of the social networking sites that spread this news.
Here are some of the creative models that were circulated this year:

The Palestinian researcher and Dean of Scientific Research and Postgraduate Studies at Palestine Technical University “Kadoorie”, Dr. Mazen Salman, winning the Distinguished Arab Researcher Award this year, at the University of California, Davis.


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