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Osama Wadie Atta

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Dr. Osama Wadih Atta from the Department of Electrical Engineering won the award for the best scientific paper at the Jordanian International Conference on Electrical Engineering and Information Technology.

Held in Amman between 9-11 April, where he presented a scientific paper entitled:


It is worth noting that the conference committee received 380 scientific papers, of which 167 scientific papers from 49 countries in the world were accepted after international arbitration.

  In this work, Dr. Osama presented the design of an automated linear book scanning system (ALBS) with a video that has many features. For a start, the stepper motor hierarchical saddle can hold a book weighing up to 3kg and the system has a suitably designed channel opening. Such a design is implemented as a new variation on the idea of rotating pneumatic pages. This involves using a vacuum device to draw book pages into a channel that flips them to the other side of the book, to allow two mounted scanners to take an instant image of the two exposed pages, converting and merging them respectively into a PDF file. The system is simple and economical at a cost of $1,500 and serves as a prototype for a later production line. It targets various libraries and institutional sectors.

It is noteworthy that the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE), the Jordanian Engineers Association, and Al-Zaytoonah University of Jordan have taken an initiative to unify scientific and professional efforts in Jordan related to organizing similar conferences for the better interest of engineers and the profession. The three parties held one combined conference in the field of electrical engineering and information technology. The three parties have merged their three similar conferences into one large conference with one organizing committee and one program JEEIT2019 are:

The 5th IEEE Jordan Conf. on Applied Electrical Eng. andComputing Technologies
(AEECT 2019)

The 11th Jordanian Int’l Electrical and Electronic Eng. Conf. (JIEEEC 2019)
The 9th Int’l Conf. on Information Technology (ICIT 2019)


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