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Lina Shaqura

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
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Gazan primary school teacher, Lina Shaqura, transformed a barren, neglected land, in one of the schools in the besieged Palestinian Gaza Strip, into a garden using car tires, and included various designs of animals and cartoon characters that children love, in the Mamouniya Joint B School, affiliated with UNRWA. Shaqoura talks to Al-Araby Al-Jadeed about her initiative

- What is the idea of the garden?
With the availability of this barren land full of weeds and parasites in the school without benefiting from it, the principal, Karima Annan, spoke to me about the possibility of utilizing it in a way that ensures beautification and scientific benefit, so we decided to launch an initiative to create a garden, by collecting rubber tires and turning them into artistic paintings, in different colors. Zahia with the help of volunteer artists. Over the course of two months, we succeeded in implementing a distinctive garden with self-financing and the support of friends and acquaintances.
- Aren't rubber tires harmful to the environment?
The world and the occupation believe that these tires are used only for burning and protesting, as they see in the media, but, through the garden project, we proved with an elite group of plastic artists that these tires were transformed by our hands into attractive artistic paintings, putting a smile on the faces of citizens in Gaza, and even children are happy with their view. . We made sure to color it with great care, in addition to planting dozens of useful plants near it.


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