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Samir Daoud Musa Najdi

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
  • Curriculum vitae :


  • Professor Dr. Samir Al-Najdi holds the position of President of Al-Quds Open University from the beginning of the year 2022.
  • Professor Dr. Samir Al-Najdi served as Vice President of Al-Quds Open University for Academic Affairs in Palestine from 2012 until 2021.
  • Chairman of the Academic Council, Chairman of the Graduate Studies Council, and
  • Member of the University Council at Al-Quds Open University.
  • Membership of the Palestinian Higher Education Council during the period (2019-2021).
  • Membership of the Higher Education Reform Expert Committee (Erasmus+).
  • He served as Vice President for Administrative Affairs at Al-Quds Open University
  • (2001-2011) and Assistant Vice President for Administrative Affairs at Al-Quds
  • Open University (1998-2001).
  • He served as Dean of Student Affairs at Al-Quds University - Abu Dis (1994-1998).
  • He obtained a bachelor's degree in chemistry from Assiut University - Egypt in 1981, a master's degree in 1984, and a doctorate in organic chemistry from the
  • University of California at Davis - USA in 1989.
  • Promotion to the rank of Associate Professor (Al-Quds University 1998).
  • Promotion to the rank of professor (Al-Quds Open University 2011).
  • He taught chemistry at the University of California - Davis and Al-Quds University.
  • He received the American Fulbright Grant (1997) and the German DAAD Grant (2000) for research work.
  • He participated as a consultant in many international workshops (Jerusalem, France, Spain, and the Caribbean Islands) in the field of leadership, creativity and change.
  • Dr. Al-Najdi's research interests focus on education policies, university governance, teaching methods, and e-learning. He has many publications in chemistry and education in prestigious specialized scientific journals.



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