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Muhammad Abu Taha

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Dr. Muhammad Abu Taha, Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Information Technology and Computer Engineering at Palestine Polytechnic University, in cooperation with researchers Basil Atawneh and Laila Al-Hamouri, graduates of the Master’s program in Information Technology and Computer Engineering at Palestine Polytechnic University, published a joint research in cooperation with Professor George Qaddoum, researcher at the University of Montreal, Canada, a research titled:

(Secure Lightweight Cryptosystemfor IOT and Pervasive Computing)

In the peer-reviewed scientific journal “Scientific Reports” issued by the well-known publisher “Nature” in the United Kingdom, this journal falls within the global Scopus classification, with an impact factor: “IF=4.996” and a quality rating: Q1, and ranked fifth in terms of the number of citations globally.

The research aimed to develop and pilot a lightweight cryptosystem (LWC), which can be used as an additional component for secure data transfers in IoT devices and pervasive computing. To achieve the goal of the study, a system developed on a field-programmablegate array (FPGA) board using the Verilog programming language was presented and tested to prove its suitability for actual security applications. A comparison was also made between the proposed system and previous lightweight encryption systems, in order to evaluate the system developed in this study and show its advantages compared to similar systems in use.


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