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Abd Al-Raouf Al-Mana’ma

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Mr. Dr. Abdul Raouf Ali Al-Manama
           Islamic University - Gaza / State of Palestine
The beginning of my knowledge of the organization was several years ago when I worked as a trainer with a group of colleagues in the scientific media project supported by the organization, and led by veteran A. Dr.. Muhammad Eid Shabir. This training experience had a profound impact on all those who participated in it, including trainers and trainees. It opened new horizons that we had not paid much attention to, nor did we realize the extent of their importance. The relationship began by publishing articles translating published and recent scientific research, formulated in an easy way that is understood by general readers and specialists do not tire of it. Then the experience began to deepen and take root, such that writing and publishing on the organization’s website became an important part of my academic tasks.

After a year of publication and cooperation, I obtained the status of officially representing the organization in Palestine, and we held an introductory workshop for the organization at the Islamic University in partnership with the organization’s advisor, A. Dr.. Mahmoud Sardah, an explanatory presentation was made and sent via email to other universities in Palestine. Posters for the organization were displayed at a huge event at the Islamic University as well, which was the university’s first scientific week.

During my association with the organization, I noticed a wide range of positives attributed to it. In addition to pioneering the idea, it was able to introduce and connect researchers and scientists from the Arab world and the diaspora. I personally benefited from this connection by getting to know a colleague from my beloved Tunisia who works in the field of research that I work in. With it.

It is known that scientific content in the Arabic language on the Internet is very weak and is barely visible among this huge amount of knowledge in other languages, which some researchers or readers cannot benefit from due to the language barrier, and any browser to the organization’s website can see how great its contribution is to enriching scientific content. Sober by publishing hundreds of translated or updated articles. The matter was not limited to just translation, but it contributed to simplifying complex sciences. You will find articles in various sciences, from nano to atomic to chemical, through health, agricultural, and industrial (almost most fields of knowledge). Some may not realize the importance of this role, which contributes positively to making solid knowledge available to Arab readers, which in turn consolidates the concept of science, avoiding nonsense, and spreads the culture of scientific research.

The organization has provided a publishing platform for researchers in Arabic, whether translated and brief articles or peer-reviewed research published in Arabic. This also contributes to enriching Arabic content and encourages researchers who are not fluent in another language to conduct and publish their research. In addition, since its inception, the organization has dedicated a page on its website to advertise and promote Arab conferences for free, which makes it easier for researchers to choose appropriate conferences to present their scientific research.

Also, the organization has contributed to reviving global events in various fields, and has contributed on more than one occasion to publishing articles related to these events, posters, and leaflets about those occasions (World Antibiotic Awareness Week, World AIDS and Tuberculosis Day, and dozens of other global events).

It is worth noting that media networks that have influence on Arab readers quote the organization’s website because of its credibility.

The organization also collects articles that serve specific topics and publishes them in “Illuminations” editions. During my career with the organization, I published two books in the Arabic language and edited another book. As part of its support for scientific research, the organization announced on several occasions its support for research or research centers, which will also contribute to supporting scientific research directly in the countries or beneficiary entities.

The organization also realized the role of encouragement and launched an award for the best environmental research last year. I believe that the award will be announced during the organization’s celebration of the 10th anniversary of its launch.

The organization’s achievements are many and great, but its ambition is greater and its loftier goals have not yet been achieved, but it is moving on the path with confidence and steadfastness and needs the support of all sincere people from this great nation, researchers, scholars, writers, and everyone without exception. A comprehensive renaissance requires cooperation, coordination, and efforts, and I believe that the organization has become in a position and possesses experience that qualifies it to move forward in achieving the ambitions of promising Arab youth.

I conclude by saying that success lies in continuing, developing, and benefiting from past mistakes, and continuous evaluation of the experience from the perspective of stakeholders may be a good way to begin evaluation. We must work more seriously to introduce the organization to all universities and research centers in the Arab world.


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