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Haya Banonra

Sector : Academic Figures, Law

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Mahmoud Al-Habbash, Palestinian Sharia Judge and Presidential Advisor for Religious Affairs and Islamic Relations, granted Christian lawyer Haya Bannoura from the city of Beit Sahour a certificate to practice in the Islamic Sharia judiciary.
The Sharia judiciary in Palestine, which is derived from Islamic Sharia and is represented by the applicable personal status law, is considered a basic pillar in dealing with all issues related to personal status that have a direct relationship with the family and society, while the regular judiciary constitutes the opposite side, which is concerned with public and private laws and relates to all issues that regulate life. Palestinian society, and although there are no laws that prevent Christian lawyers, male and female, from practicing the profession of Sharia justice, as it is derived from the provisions of Islamic Sharia, there was a great reluctance in the past on their part to follow this path, and recently there has been a new trend among some of them to engage in this unique experience, which even though It indicates something, rather it indicates the extent of overlap, interconnectedness and harmony between Muslims and Palestinian Christians at all levels and in various fields, knowing that many Christians usually resort to the Palestinian Sharia courts spread in all Palestinian governorates in inheritance issues.
Haya Bannoura is a Christian regular lawyer from the city of Beit Sahour. She recently obtained a practicing certificate in the Sharia judiciary, and although she is not the first lawyer to take this path, since since the establishment of the Palestinian Authority until the present day, Haya is considered the fifth lawyer who has obtained permission to practice the profession of Sharia law in Palestine. .
Haya Bannoura confirmed that the Office of the Chief Justice, represented by its president, Al-Habbash, provided all the facilities to her from the first moment until the moment she was granted the certificate. She expressed her thanks to Al-Habash, the Office of the Chief Judge, and the Sharia courts, which made room for her to enter the realm of work in the Sharia judiciary.
Bannoura also affirmed that she will continue to work with all dedication to deliver her lofty message to defend all oppressed men and women, regardless of religion or creed, stressing that the goal first and foremost is purely humanitarian and that as Palestinians, our affiliation to our Palestinianness prevails over all sects and religions.
In turn, Al-Habbash, who received lawyer Bannoura and her family today, Thursday, at the headquarters of the Chief Justice’s Office in the city of Ramallah, welcomed Bannoura’s joining the Sharia judiciary, which granted her a practicing certificate in it, stressing that the Palestinian people are one cohesive people and their social fabric is strong with its Islamists and Christians to the greatest extent.
Al-Habbash stressed that the social mosaic in Palestine is an image of true unity that is considered a model to be emulated in the region, stressing that Christians are an integral part of the Palestinian people and that we, in the legitimate judiciary, do not differentiate between religion and belief, and we are united by love, tolerance, and a common history with all of our authentic people.
Trainer and legal expert Fatima Da'na confirmed that the joining of Christian female lawyers to the family of the Sharia judiciary and the Sharia courts in Palestine reinforces the idea of the supremacy of the personal status law and also strengthens the Sharia justice system in Palestine, and confirms that it is a humanitarian law in the first place, indicating that Haya Bannoura's joining, regardless of her religion, eliminates class differences. It enhances the role of women and strengthens them in becoming more prepared to defend their rights and the rights of their peers.
Da'na said that the inclusion of Christian lawyers in the Sharia judiciary contributes to improving the image of Palestine internationally and presents it with a civilized appearance that is consistent with all international and humanitarian laws calling for the establishment of laws of love and tolerance among all religions.


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