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Hassan Al-Kurdi

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  • Country of residence: Maldives
  • Gender: Male
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The Maldives, that small republic that was governed by geographical nature and made it in dire need of workers in many specializations, not just tourism, was the destination of the Palestinian young man, Dr. Hassan Al-Kurdi.

After one of his friends mentioned to him that the Maldives Islamic University needed Arab professors and specialists, in an advertisement on the Internet, Dr. Al-Kurdi (40 years old) applied for employment at the university, and after a short period of time the response came accepting the application.

To find the Palestinian academic from the Gaza Strip, Dr. Al-Kurdi himself is a university professor in human development at the Maldives Islamic University.

Dr. explains. Al-Kurdi said, “The procedures were easy and smooth, and there were no complications in the transactions.. The Maldives enjoys its charming and picturesque beauty, and it is an Asian country in South Asia. Unfortunately, the Maldives is a country unknown to the Arabs, but it is a tourist country, and a good country in every sense of the word.”

It is noteworthy that Dr. Al-Kurdi worked as a trainer for development ambassadors for leadership training and development in Palestine, and in 2017 he obtained membership in the International Board of Human Development Scholars.


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