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Hana Hanna Tarazi

Sector : Academic Figures, Law

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
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In an elegant office, full of the most elegant colours, black, sits this able lawyer, who hides a story of challenge, struggle and steadfastness behind her distinctive features.

Hana Hanna Tarazi, a lawyer of a different style, as she was distinguished by her taste in her office, and created an eye-catching elegance from black, the king of colours. She distinguished herself at the level of her profession, and she struggled and worked hard, to be the first Christian lawyer to work as a legal lawyer in Palestine, and she may be the first in the Arab world. The first Christian woman in the Gaza Strip to open a legal services office.

Hanaa’s success story did not start from here, but rather from her being the first Christian student to study at Al-Azhar University, Faculty of Law. Hanaa says in her interview with “Dunia Al-Watan”: “My period of study at the university was very difficult and it was the beginning of the struggle. I studied Islamic Sharia subjects but did not... I had a problem with it, and I even excelled at it.”

Hanaa practiced the profession for more than 5 years, before she made the decision to obtain a legal specialty. What prompted her to do so?!

A Christian pleads before the Sharia courts

  Hanaa says: “There are many areas in the regular courts in which we refer to Islamic origins, such as inheritance, and the lawyer must be familiar with all information. As a Palestinian Christian, my culture is Islamic-Arab, I have a basic principle in my life that I and my family rely on, and I grew up and raised on.” "There is no discrimination."

  Hanaa continued: “Especially a lawyer, he must not be discriminating, and he must have a sea of information, because no matter what we learn, we will remain a drop in the sea of the scientific encyclopedia in which we live, as science never ends on planet Earth.”

  She added: "There were many people who turned to me and told me their private secrets. This encouraged me to study Islamic law, and increased my desire to have trust and honesty. At the same time, culture and science do not stop, and all religions have their respect, and a person must be knowledgeable." In all religious sciences.

  Outside the scope of religions

Hanaa believes that a person’s horizon should not stop at a specific limit or a specific religion: “I may read things outside the scope of the three heavenly religions, because a person may come to me from China, or a person who embraces the Buddhist religion, and lives in Palestine, and wants me to intercede for him. Or help him conduct some foreign transactions, I must be knowledgeable, and a lawyer in general is a knowledgeable person who combines a doctor, an engineer, and everything.”

Hanaa applied to practice Sharia law, and received approval from the head of the Supreme Council of Sharia Judiciary, Hassan Al-Jojo, and said: “I received approval to study from His Eminence Sheikh Al-Jojo, thankfully, and he had no objection, and I did not encounter anyone who had any objection, but rather he was treated kindly by me.” Like other colleagues."

  She added: “I obtained a practicing certificate on May 16, 2018, and this is not out of the ordinary. A practicing lawyer has the right, after 3 years, to apply to pass the Sharia exams without courses or workshops, and since I have been practicing for more than 5 years, I had the right to apply to take it without committing to a course or workshop.”

Hanaa and books of jurisprudence

Hanaa studied Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic law for approximately six months on her own and with her own effort, without enrolling in specialized courses or workshops. She says: “The study was very difficult, and some colleagues helped me in jurisprudence and inheritance, but most of my studies were personal efforts.” She added: “The study was complementary to what I studied in law at Al-Azhar University.”

  Hana took the exams, which lasted for two weeks, at a rate of 4 subjects per day, and as she put it: “It was never easy. I passed all the subjects, most of them with high marks, and I took the exams on an equal footing with my male and female colleagues and obtained a practicing certificate.”

She added: "Being the first Palestinian Christian to obtain this practice, I resort to the Palestinian law, which makes all citizens equal in studying the law of the regular courts in order to plead in the regular courts or the Sharia courts. I resorted and resorted to the legal text, and in the end my reference is the text of the just Palestinian law." .

Hanaa's office was opened in the presence of the Bar Association, her colleagues, relatives, and her family, who supported and encouraged the opening of the office, which provides services to every Palestinian citizen.
Deep messages

  This step taken by Hana carries several messages that she revealed to “Dunia Al Watan,” saying: “My first message is that the Palestinian law is a just law, which does not differentiate between a Christian, a Muslim, a Jew, or whatever his religion, as long as he holds Palestinian citizenship, it protects all citizens.”

  She added: “As for my message at the level of the Arab world and the world, it is that Palestine is the land of peace and love, and it is the most just country, where everyone coexists as brothers with no difference between them, where love, sharing, and brotherhood prevail, as you see in the city of Bethlehem when the glorious Christmases come, everyone celebrates.” There, as well as in Gaza.”

  She continued: “On Eid al-Fitr, Eid al-Adha, and Ramadan, and on the anniversary of the Isra and Mi’raj, I share the holidays with the Bar Association and all my colleagues, and my entire family and I go to greet all my friends, and I share with them all their occasions, and I share with them the Ramadan breakfast, and they also share our holidays with me, and I feel a lot of love among them.” ".

  Hana concluded: “My last message is that science does not stop at certain borders, or a certain concept, or a certain religion, so I encourage every Palestinian woman and girl, the mother of the martyr, the mother of the prisoner, the sacrificer and the educator, not to stop at certain borders in science, and we will continue and remain steadfast until Forever, Palestinian women have the right to learn and engage in all fields. We should not have a marginalized woman. The woman who has sacrificed the most in history is the Palestinian woman, and she has remained steadfast. That is why there are among us the scientist, the engineer, the doctor, the lawyer, the judge, and many creative people, even though they are in every home. There is a martyr, a wounded person, or a prisoner. We are the bearers of the message of the Palestinian people, the owner of an ancient civilization in the past, present, future, and forever.”


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