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Amal Al-Kahlot

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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Dr. Amal Al-Kahlot is the Dean of the Faculty of Science at Al-Azhar University in Gaza , and is awaiting arbitration for her research to obtain a professorship . She is the recipient of the 2016 ISESCO Prize in Science and Technology, Physics Branch.

Her life

In 1987, Amal Al-Kahlot’s name was present on the list of high school graduates in Palestine . She received two scholarships, one in Egypt and the other in the West Bank . The second scholarship was to study engineering , so she chose the place and refused the major, so she began studying physics at Birzeit University , but Things did not go as planned. A short time after the start of school, the first intifada broke out . She was forced to leave the university and decided to take advantage of the scholarship she had obtained at Egyptian universities, so she returned to Gaza until coordination was obtained. 

In 1992, Dr. Amal obtained a bachelor’s degree in physics , then she obtained a master’s degree from Britain in 1999, and a doctorate from Germany in 2006. After graduating from her bachelor’s degree, she worked as a teaching assistant at Al -Azhar University in Gaza, and has worked since 2014 as dean of the college. Sciences at Al-Azhar University, [3] and is awaiting arbitration for her research to obtain a professorship degree, and is conducting research on solar energy.

Achievements and Awards


In 2016, Al-Azhar University in Gaza nominated Dr. Amal to the Ministry of Education to compete for the award, and later she was selected to receive the 2016 ISESCO Prize in Science and Technology, Physics Branch, [4] for her research on solar energy , [5] and the ISESCO Center is scheduled to award Dr. Amal received the award, which consists of an official certificate, a gold medal, and a lucrative financial reward, during the ceremony that will be held on the occasion of the Eighth Islamic Conference of Ministers of Higher Education and Scientific Research for the year 2016 in the Republic of Mali .



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