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Adnan Abu Ayash

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
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The Acting Head of the Department of Languages and Translation at Birzeit University, Dr. Adnan Abu Ayyash, in developing the second edition of the English language teaching book “Unlock”, published by Cambridge University Press and Discovery Education™, and officially published on January 24, 2019.

The university’s requirements for English language courses have been modified to be in line with global practices and approved international testing standards, which will make it easier for students to continue their achievement in the English language by focusing on enhancing the four language skills: reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

Birzeit University had adopted this curriculum, starting from the academic year 2016-2017, which is the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), as an international standard for teaching and evaluating students in the English language. This new accreditation aims to improve students’ proficiency and develop their skills in the English language.
This system consists of six levels, starting with level A1 and ending with advanced effective practical competence level C2. These levels are distributed as follows: foundation levels (A1, A2), intermediate levels (B1, B2) and advanced levels (C1, C2). The system is based on three axes: linguistic activities and their areas of use, and the competencies or abilities that result from that. Accordingly, the linguistic activities in the proposed program are divided into four types: reception (listening and reading), production (speaking and writing), and interactive activities (spoken and written). , and inter-disciplinary activities (translation and interpretation).


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