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Muhammad Banat

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Al-Quds University organized a cultural meeting for creative women and men entitled “One Palestinian Culture” in partnership with the Haifa Cultural Club on the university’s main campus - Abu Dis, as part of the “Love of the Homeland Unites Us” program, in the presence of the University President, Prof. Dr. Imad Abu Kishk, representatives of the Haifa Club and the university staff.

Prof. Dr. welcomed Imad Abu Kishk at the Haifa Club and the attendees from inside the occupied Palestinian territories, pointing out the importance of carrying out joint, unifying cultural activities through a common cultural base between the university and the partners from the people inside.

Prof. Dr. knew Abu Kishk presented the university’s sites, colleges, social and legal services in the city of Jerusalem, and its most important programs and advanced international companies through which it seeks to keep pace with the markets and produce knowledge and expertise in line with international standards, speaking about the complete success rates achieved by graduates of the university’s medical colleges from within the Israeli practice exams. every year.

The meeting discussed a reading of the novel “Life as It Should Be,” published by Dr. Ahmed Rafiq Awad recently confirmed that the symposium, which comes under the title “Love of the Homeland Brings Us Together,” aims to restore the homeland and create it through this meeting of lovers, thanking the discussants for their efforts in reviewing the novel and praising it.

In turn, the head of the Haifa Cultural Club, Mr. Fouad Mufid, said, “It is a great honor to be present in our home at Al-Quds University, so that today we express one common culture that displays the elite of writers and scholars.”

Mr. Fathi Furani noted in his speech on behalf of the Haifa Club that this meeting comes despite the high walls and cultural siege of the Palestinian people, who will remain one heart and one dream united by love of the homeland and service in cultural fields, until the dream is fulfilled and the Palestinian state is established with Zahrat al-Mada’in as its capital.

For his part, lecturer and critic Dr. Alif Fransh's reading of the novel whose title affirms the Palestinian's entitlement to life, as the latter's being and existence are considered a given that must be adhered to, and the writer titles the chapters of the novel with the names of trees to indicate clinging and existence.

He thanked Dr. Muhammad Banat, Dr. Awad, for the novel that prompts contemplation and an in-depth look at matters. It belongs to the literature of resistance and is considered an artistic literary painting that sheds light on the issue of the Palestinian revolutions and the presence of creating cohesion and solidarity among the Palestinian people.

Finally, Karam A. Mufid, President of the University, Prof. Dr. Imad Abu Kishk presented him with numerous studies and books issued by activists and writers from local residents, while Abu Kishk presented him with a souvenir in the name of the university.


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