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Lina Osama Quttina

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Jerusalemite doctor Lina Osama Qatina from the city of Jerusalem won second place for the Best Medical Research Award in the field of organ transplantation in Switzerland for the year 2018.

The three best research papers related to organ transplantation were selected during the seventeenth annual meeting, which was held in the presence of organ transplant doctors in Switzerland, during which they reviewed 19 research papers published in scientific journals on organ transplantation, and chose the three best research papers in this field, including the research of Dr. Lina Qatina, Which was published in the American Journal of Organ Transplantation, which is the best journal in the field of organ transplantation in the world.

In the next session, after organ transplant doctors listened to presentations from the three research authors, yesterday, Friday, the attendees awarded Dr. Lina’s research second place as the best clinical research, in addition to a financial award in kind.

  The research deals with linking the SP110 gene for the first time to diabetes in a patient undergoing an organ transplant, which is considered one of the complications that lead to heart disease, and one of the most prominent causes of death after an organ transplant, even though the transplanted organ works well.

Dr. Lina Qatina graduated from the third batch of the Faculty of Medicine at Al-Quds University in Abu Dis in 2003, and obtained a doctorate in 2008 from the University of Paris 6. In the last year of study in France, she received the award for the best French scientific research during the annual conference on pharmacology and clinical physiology. In the French city of Claire Montferrand.


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