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Mahmoud Abu Samra

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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Mahmoud Ahmed Abu Samra, born in the city of Yatta, Hebron Governorate in 1957, obtained a BA in physics from Yarmouk University in 1980, and then a master’s degree in physics from the University of Jordan. She joined the College of Science and Technology as a lecturer in the Physics Department in 1983, then obtained a master’s degree in Educational Administration from Al-Quds University in 1999 and a PhD in Educational Administration from the University of Khartoum in 2003. She then joined the Department of Postgraduate Studies in Education at Al-Quds University, which became part of the College of Educational Sciences, with the rank of Assistant Professor. I obtained the rank of Professor in 2016.

Research interests

Educational leadership
  Educational and school administration and educational supervision
  Higher Education.
  Comprehensive quality in education
Teaching activities

Teaching courses at the bachelor’s and master’s levels, and starting to teach doctoral courses in educational leadership and administration starting from the first semester (2021/2022).
  Supervising and discussing master’s theses at Al-Quds University and other universities in the country.
Selected publications

I have published more than (75) research papers so far, in Arabic and English, and written two books, one of which is in the field of scientific research.
  I was among the first hundred, most cited for their research in the Arab world, out of (17,400) authors and researchers, ranked (88), in the Arab Digital Database Report for the year 2020.
  I was also among the top 3% of the most cited authors in the Arab world in the same 2018 Arab Digital Database report.
Sample of research:

  Arafa, Nisreen, Abu Al-Khairan, Ashraf, and Abu Samra, Mahmoud Ahmed. (2021). The level of job alienation among public school teachers in Hebron Governorate. Palestine Technical University Research Journal, 9(2), 85-114.
  Al-Talahma, Taghreed, Samir, Hanan Musa, and Abu Samra, Mahmoud Ahmed. (2020). Organizational slackness among Hebron Governorate school principals from the teachers’ point of view, International Specialized Educational Journal, 9(2), pp. 178-190.
  Al-Araj, Shatha, and Abu Samra, Mahmoud. (2020). The level of job maturity among teachers in the Bethlehem Governorate according to the theory of Hersey and Blanchard from the point of view of principals, International Specialized Educational Journal, 9(2), pp. 201-214.
  Aweidat, Bisan Yassin, Abu Samra, Mahmoud Ahmed, Qafisha, Sondos, Hatem. (2020). The reality of the professional performance of government school principals in the North Hebron Directorate, Arab Journal for Scientific Publishing, 26, pp. 203-221
..Ja’far Wasfi Abu Saa, Mahmoud Ahmad Abu Samra.(2019). The Reasons of Job Alienation among the Faculty Members of Hebron & Al-Quds Universities. World Journal of Education,9(2), 65-72.
  Mashhour, Samah, Abu Samra, Mahmoud, Qafisha, and Sondos. (2019). Educational efforts of school principals and counselors in the city of Jerusalem to reduce behavioral deviations among students, International Specialized Educational Journal, 8 (12), 23-35.
75. Abdeen, Muhammad Abdel Qader, and Abu Samra, Mahmoud Ahmed. (2001), The organizational climate at Al-Quds University from the perspective of its faculty members, An-Najah University Research Journal, Volume 15, 277 - 309.


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