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Nahed Habib Allah

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
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In a first of its kind, the New School University in New York City invited the Palestinian academic in the Graduate School of the Arab American University, Nahid Habibullah, to teach a course on Jerusalem.

Dr. will present Nahid, who prepared the course, gives American students a complete idea of the Holy City as it is the center of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict in its various national and religious dimensions. The focus is on Israel's attempt to separate the people of Jerusalem from the rest of the Palestinians in the West Bank.

Being the first time that the Jerusalem course has been taught at an American university, the Palestinian Academy will work to explain the Israeli narratives regarding Jerusalem and how Israel is trying to obscure the Palestinian narratives with their Islamic and Christian components.

Last November, Dr. Nahid Habibullah participated with a research paper in the International Conference of Researchers in Sociology, which was recently held in Philadelphia, United States of America, with the presence and participation of 4,500 researchers and scientists from all over the world.


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