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Muhammad Manna

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  • Country of residence: Palestine
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Doctor Muhammad Manna from Gaza - Al-Bureij is ranked fourth among doctors around the world with a diploma in family medicine from a British university.

Gaza - Dr. Muhammad Munir Manna from Bureij Camp in the central Gaza Strip obtained a diploma in #Family_Medicine from the British University of Plymouth with distinction with honors.

Dr. Manna, who previously worked as director of the Maghazi Clinic affiliated with UNRWA, won fourth place among doctors around the world enrolled in the same program.

In his comment, Dr. Manna, who is considered one of the skilled and competent doctors, expressed his happiness with this award, saying: “I was honored to receive an additional award, which is a diploma in #family_medicine from the British University of Plymouth, with a grade of distinction with honors, and being among the first five ranks among doctors around the world who are enrolled in the same the program.

Dr. presented. Manna thanks Al-Hazeel to the Department of Health - UNRWA, the sponsor of this program (Daghada Al-Jadba, Dr. Zuhair, Dr. Rehab, Dr. Ibrahim,

Dr.. Nisreen, Dr. Khalil, Dr. Randa, Dr. Hanan, Dr. Maha) for their support and trust in him.


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