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Amen Saleh Mujaj

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1921
  • Age: 102
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Amen Saleh Mujaj

The second chapter of the book is devoted to commemorating the Jerusalemite physician Amin Saleh Majj (1921-1999), a pediatrician known to all of Palestine, and a politician who belonged to his homeland and built Jerusalemite institutions, mastering construction and administration, even ensuring their permanence and still standing tall to this day.

Mujaj did not go to his clinic after graduation to collect money from his patients, but rather he set out as a research doctor searching for scientific facts, evaluating them and correcting them through articles in medical journals in America, Germany and Britain. He sought during his life to bring Palestine into the wheel of improvement in its health conditions, so that it would become able To keep pace with modern health scientific developments and integrate with their spirit.

He founded the specialty of pediatrics in Palestine at a time when many considered it a small branch and indistinguishable from general medicine. Mujaj is not considered a pioneer only for being the first physician in the country, but for his methodological addition to the practice of this specialty.

The Kingdom of Jordan enjoyed him as a minister with many intellectual dimensions and wide understanding, capable of giving and giving, without paying attention to prestige, money, or fame. He led three ministries at the same time and was generous in giving.


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