Success stories of Palestinian achievers from all over the world

Ruqayyah Herzallah

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1948
  • Age: 68
  • Curriculum vitae :


B.A American University of  Beirut, Beirut, Lebanon, 1971
Major: English Language
Teaching Diploma, 1971 
Teaching English as a Foreign Language

M.A, Southern Illinois University at Carbondale,
Carbondale, Illinois, 1983.
Major:General Linguistics

Ph.D. Cornell University, Ithaca,  New York, 1990
Major: General linguistics
Summer Linguistics Institute, Stanford University, Palo Alto, Ca. 1987.

Pre-Dissertation Research, U- Mass, Amherst, Massachusettes, 1988-89.
1990-, Assistant Professor, An-Najah National University.
1989, Teaching Assistant, Cornell University, Fall 1989.
1983, Teaching Assistant, SIU, Spring 1983.
1977-1978, Lecturer, Teachers’ Training Summer Inter-sessions, Education Directorate, Jenin, Palestine
1971-1980, Teacher , Directorate of Education, Jenin, 
Selected Activities:
Co-ordination of a  Project on the Revival of the Samaritan Language sponsored by Canada Fund, 1997-98.
Symposiums and International Conferences
Teaching English Language and Literature On the Intermediate and Advanced Levels: A Vision for a Future Remedy, April 2004
Linguistic Society of America, Annual Conference, Dec.,1988, New York, NewYork.
North Eastern Linguistic Society, Annual Conference, Fall 1987, Toronto, Canada.
Symposium on Feature theory, Fall 1989, MIT, Cambridge, Massachusettes.
On –Going Research:
Samaritan Language Revival Project: A joint project with Dr. Nabil Alawi.  The research study started with the description of the Samaritan language phonological and syntactic systems as well as its script.
Awareness of the Samaritan culture in the City of Nablus is also being concentrated on.  The aims of the study are to work on the maintenance of Samaritan as an endangered language and to produce textbooks at the elementary levels to help especially children and women to read and understand the language not just to rote memorization of  the Tora as it is the case now. 
The Relative Clause Revisited, co-authored with Dr. Nabil Alawi (The paper was presented at the Symposium on Teaching English Language and Literature On the Intermediate and Advanced Levels: A Vision for a Future Remedy, April 2004)
A Unified Account of  Errors Committed by Palestinian Arabic Speakers Learning English as a Foreign Language: Markedness and Optimality Theory.
The [-uuš] Suffix, A Re-analized Morpheme in Levant Arabic.
Linguistics as Clue to the History of Palestinian Place Names. 
The Present Participle Form in Palestinian Arabic: Defying Feminism, Change in Progress.
Herzallah, R. (1991) Palestinian Arabic Phonology: Ph.D. Dissertation, A Non-linear Approach, Working Papers of the Cornell Phonetics Laboratory, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York.

Professional Membership:
Member to the College Council, Faculty of Arts, An-Najah National University, 1995.
Department Representative to An-Najah Research Journal, 1993
Member of various Departmental ad hoc and standing committees
Member of the Linguistic Society of America (1990-2004)


Achievements and Awards

Scholarships and Honors:
AID Scholarship to the American University of Beirut,  1967 ( 2nd of the 1st ten students, Tawjiihi 1967, Literary stream)

Pass with Honors, Comprehensive Exam, SIU 1983. 

International Organization for Helping Arab Students’ Scholarship, 1981-1983.

Amideast Scholarship 1985-1990.

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