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Yazeed Shammout

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  • Country of residence: Germany
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Shammout is a German businessman from a Palestinian origin.
The reality in German nursing homes and in home care is very different than it is for the most recent quality audit report of the medical service of the Health Insurance (MDK) shown publicly. That said, Dr. Yazid Shammout, managing director of retirement homes DANA GmbH which was established in 1994, in Hannover, the administrative headquarters of the company. DANA is in his area of ​​the "Top 10" in Germany. Dr. Shammout Yazid was in October 2005, invited by the euro Forum Conference, to give a lecture on "Future seniors market."


Achievements and Awards

Interview with Dr. Shammout in the magazine Concrete Care 13/06 Specifically, the magazine's Care Issue 13/06 on "Future Reality care in nursing homes" is dedicated. Several experts speculate on this subject. Dr. Shammout was invited to present its position. In his paper "standard of care of the luxuries of today, tomorrow?" He sets out, why are the future be double or even multiple rooms in nursing homes again in demand. Vincentz talk: Why you should go for a double room In December 2006, Dr. Yazid Shammout was invited to give a lecture for the Vincentz-publishing on the topic "utilization of nursing facilities." To present his lecture entitled "Utilization secure - Why should you rely on a double room" you get by clicking on the title. Minimum wage for nurses - Pros & Cons Everywhere is currently being discussed, whether in Germany, a statutory minimum wage should be introduced. Dr. Shammout believes that this would only mean another bureaucratic restriction for nursing.

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