Success stories of Palestinian achievers from all over the world

Walid Qamhawi

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1924
  • Age: 92
  • Curriculum vitae :


1924, Nablus. PNF leader, physician at AUB; 1947, then specialised in surgery at Cairo Uni; returned to Nablus to work with Iraqi Red Crescent. Established the Cooperative Cultural Club in Nablus, in 1956, was arrested intermittently when became head of Nablus branch of the Ba‘th. Also was council member of Jordanian Medical Association (1957-) & its chair 1963-9. ANM member of the 1st PLO-EC. After occupation, helped establish al-Maqassad hospital in Jerusalem; was deported for 2 months to Lebanon in 1970 in retaliation for PF hijacking. In West Bank, became a leader of PNF & deported again in 1973 to Jordan. Resumed position on the PLO-EC from 1974, as head of PNFund. won permission to reenter West Bank in 1993. Author of “Catastrophe & Construction” (al-Nakba wa al-Bina’a, 1956


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