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Saleem Alhaj Yahia

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  • Country of residence: United Kingdom
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Professor Saleem Haj-Yahia has joined An-Najah National University training hospital and the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. Professor Haj-Yahia is a pioneer in the field of complicated failed heart surgeries and lung implants. He is also the founder of several cardiology departments in different parts of the world including the United Kingdom, Turkey, Greece, and the Arab Gulf.

He comes to An-Najah with a wealth of experience and a record of a large number of successful heart transplant surgeries. This esteemed record led him to become the Head of the Mechanical Circulatory Support Department in one of the United Kingdom’s finest and largest hospitals’ cardiology unit. 

Professor Haj-Yahia applauded An-Najah’s Training Hospital as a well-equipped facility with the potential to become an international-level hospital. He went on to express his belief that the Palestinian people have what it takes to achieve all that they aspire. And building on this theme he set out his desire to improve the quality of services offered by the hospital, through embedding and encouraging international research and partnerships with global institutions. Professor Haj-Yahia added that in order to achieve his vision he would be seeking to draw on his experience of the British health service. Experience he stated that places the patient at the centre, protecting their rights, and providing them with unrivalled care through bringing the best specialists from across Palestine. 
Professor Haj-Yahia will continue his international career in the United Kingdom whilst undertaking his responsibilities at An-Najah hospital, which he stated was his national duty.


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