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Dina Faroun

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1980
  • Age: 35
  • Curriculum vitae :


Personal information
Title: Director of the Foundation builders Forum - Jerusalem
Birth year: 1980

Master's degree, institution-building and human resources management, 2011, Al Quds University, Jerusalem
Bachelor's degree, Business Administration concentration in Accounting, 2005, Al-Quds Open University, Jerusalem.
High School, 1998, the scientific section, Abu Dis girls secondary school .

The ability to train in the areas of management, leadership and social development skillfully and with proficiency.
Management and coordination of development and social projects The art of managing meetings, training sessions, open meetings, seminars and conferences concerning various issues and categories.
Professional team work through the ability to interact and work as a team member. The ability to contact and communicate positively and effectively with the work environment.
Writing and submitting development projects skillfully. Writing high-level financial and management reports
Excellent Microsoft Office applications

Arabic mother tongue
English - Fluent


Achievements and Awards

Work history: 
Director, 2003-2010, founder of the Future Builders Forum Foundation, Bethany, Jerusalem, Palestine.
Chairman, 2004 -2007, Young Leaders Forum Jerusalem, Palestine
Honarary office and memberships: 
Member of the Administrative Body of (The Union of Charitable Societies - Jerusalem) for the Project Committee, elected for the period 2006-2011.
Chairman of the Administrative Body of (Future Builders Forum Charitable Institution), elected for the period 2003-2010.
Founding member and supervisor of (The Jerusalem Youth Parliament): 2009.
A founder and an active member of (The Jerusalem Women) Al-Quds University: 2008-2009.
Member of the Oversight Committee of the General Union of Charitable Organizations – Ramallah for the period 2010-2011.

Productions and works: 
A research project for Al-Quds University entitled “The Reality of Women Development Projects and their Ability to Meet their Needs (Case Study of the Societies of the Villages of East Jerusalem, Bethany, Abu Dis and Sawahreh, 2008.
The Reality of Voluntary Participation in the Development Programs of Jerusalem Youth Institutions and the Mechanisms for Strengthening them, 2011.

Awards and Distinctions: 
Union of Charitable Societies in Jerusalem Governorate2012 General Union of Palestinian of Voluntary Societies 2011 Palestinian Youth Conference 2011
Union of Charitable Societies 2009
Ministry of Youth and Sports: 2008. Youth Leadership Forum – Jerusalem: 2008.

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