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Rateb Aref Othman

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
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1990-1992: Doctor of philosophy. Veterinary Medicine. Sarajevo University. Yugoslavia.
1987- 1990: Master of veterinary medicine. Sarajevo University. Yugoslavia.
1981-1986: Bachelor of veterinary medicine. Sarajevo University. Yugoslavia. 


2002-2004: Dean, Faculty of Agriculture.

2004 present Dean faculty of veterinary .

1997-2000: Head, Department of Animal Production and Animal Health, Faculty of

Agriculture, An-Najah National University, Nablus, Palestine. The Faculty of

Agriculture includes 6 Faculty members and technicians.

1995-present: Assistant Professor, An-Najah National University.

1994-1995: Part time instructor, Department of Animal production, An-Najah National

University, Nablus, Palestine.

1992-1994: Private activities related to animal health issues in Palestine.

1986-1987: Teaching and research assistant, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Sarajevo


Other activities:

1. Advisor for undergraduate students.

2. Co advisor for 4 graduate students (Master level)

3. Chairman the Committee for establishing a Faculty of Vet. Medicine at An - najah

National University.

4. Committee member for preparing different labs at the faculty of veterinary



Achievements and Awards

1.Othman, R.A.1990. Effects of coccidiostats on the coccidian infestation on broilers. Master thesis, Sarajevo University, Yugoslavia. 
2. Othman, R.A. 1990. Effects of calcium source on growth and development of broilers. Vet.j. Of Sarajevo University. 
3. Othman, R.A. 1991. Effects of oldoxine on broilers.Ph.D.thesis, Sarajevo University, Yugoslavia. 
4. Othman, R. A. and J. Abo omar.2000.Some guality characters of Eggs marketed in north West Bank. The French Journal of Veterinary Medicine, France Vol.151, No.1. 
5. Othman, R.A.2000.The Incidence of Fasciolosis in cattle Slaughtered In Palestine. The Journal of Islamic University of Gaza in Palestine.Vol.8, No.2. 
6. Othman, R.A., J.Abo Omar and I.Rabayae 2001. Utilization of Olive Pulp in Broilers Rations .An- Najah Univ. Research J. Vol.15:133-144. 
7. Othman, R.A.2005. The incidence of Gumboro disease in broilers farm in Palestine. Islamic Univ. Journal. 13: 1. 
8. Hammad, W. J. Abo Omar, R. Othman and H. Shanti.2001. Comparison and evaluation of Awassi lambs fattening systems in Palestine. Egyptian Society of Nutrition. 8th Symposium of Animal Nutrition. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 23- 26th October 2001. 
9.Abo Omar, J., R. Othman and H. Shanti. 2002. Feed industry in Palestine. Egyptian Society of Nutrition. 9th Symposium of Animal Nutrition. Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, 20- 22th December 2001. 
10. Abo Omar, J. ; R. A. Othman; B. Abu Baker and A. Zaza. 2003. Response of Broiler Chicks to a High olive pulp Diet Supplemented with Two Antibiotics.30,2. Dirasat. 
11. Ghaleb Adwan;Dauod Abusafieh,Rateb Aref and Jamal Abo Omar.2005.Prevalence of microorganisms associated with intramammary infection in cows and small ruminants in the north of palestine.journal of the islamic university vol.13,no.1. 
12. Othman, R.2009. Seasonal prevalence of Oestrus ovis in Awassi Sheep of north of West Bank (Palestine).Islamic University Journal,vol.17,no.1,pp83-88.

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