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Maen Helmi Samara

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 0
  • Curriculum vitae :



B.Sc. in Animal production from the University of Jordan,1981. 
M.Sc. in Animal Production from The University of Reading,1987. 
Ph.D. in Animal Science from the University of Tennessee,1994.

Professional Societies:

Member of the American Poultry Science Association.
Agriculture Engineers Association
Federation of Animal Science Society

Publications-Refereed Journal Articles:

1. Samara, M.H., 2003. Effects of early chlorotetracycline administration and farm clean-up on growth and mortality in broiler chicks. Journal of the Islamic University of Gaza, vol. 11 (2):184-190.
2. Samara, M.H., 2003. Effects of feeding natural zeolite in performance of laying hens drinking saline water. An-najah University Journal Res. (N. Sci.), vol. 17 (2):183-189.
3. Samara, M.H., 2000. Poultry by-products and their effect on the environment. AlAfaaq, volume 2. Zarqa Private University.
4. Samara, M.H., 2000. The Poultry Industry in Palestine: 1. Factors Affecting the Broiler Industry. Assuit Universit, Assuit, Eygpt.
5. Samara, M.H., 2000. The Poultry Industry in Palestine: 2. Factors Affecting the Laying Hen Industry. Assuit University,Assuit, Eygpt.
6. Samara, M.H., K.R. Robbins and M.O. Smith 1996. Interaction of feeding time time and temperature and their relationship to performance of the broiler breeder hen. Poultry science 75:34-41.
7. Samara, M.H., K.R. Robbins, and M.O. Smith, 1996. Environmental heat stress dose not reduce blood ionized calcium concentration in hens acidulated to elected temperature. Poultry Science 75: 97-200.
8. Samara, M.H., 1989. Livestock and the need for feed analysis to grip the gap in nutrition. Al-Katib, No. 114, pages 15-18.


Achievements and Awards

The British Council Scholarship Award- Duration of Ms. Degree program AMIDEAST
Scholarship Award- Duration of Ph.D. Degree program.

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