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Sana Al-Sarghali

Sana Al-Sarghali

Sector : Academic Figures, Law

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1987
  • Age: 34
  • Curriculum vitae :


Sanaa AlSarghali is an Assistant professor of Constitutional law at An-Najah University.  She is the co-founder and director of the Constitutional Studies Centre. In July 2019 Sanaa was appointed by the Palestinian National Council to be the 9th member in the drafting committee for the Palestinian Constitution.

Upon her graduation from Lancaster University in 2016 she became the first female obtaining a PhD in Constitutional Law in Palestine. Sanaa holds an LLM in law from Durham University, and BA with honours from An-Najah University. She was awarded a full scholarship to study constitutional Law in order to participate in the constitutional building in Palestine after her return from the UK. Her thesis was an analysis of the Palestinian Basic Law in light of Constitutionalism theory with a special focus on the Semi-Presidential system’s application. Sanaa’s thesis made suggestions for future constitutional designs in Palestine.

In 2018 she was elected as the Chairwoman of ‘Women, Media and Development’ (TAM), an NGO that intends to change the stereotypical image of the Palestinian women in the Media. This made Sanaa the youngest Chairwoman of an active NGO in Palestine. Previously, she worked with TAM as a TV presenter through Al Fajer TV local station. Her social and political talk show 'TAM Time' was screened on the Palestinian National TV for two years. 

In Late 2018 she became the director of the Constitutional Studies Centre which she also co-founded at An- Najah University. The centre started making local impact by its public educational videos on the constitutional situation in Palestine. She is also credited with introducing new teaching modules at the university, notably ‘Constitutional Law and Gender’. Her textbook: The Constitution we Desire? A Women’s perspective (completed in Arabic) will be ready for launching in November 2020. Sanaa worked previously with the Palestinian Initiative for Democratic Dialogue (Miftah), TAM, and the Constitutional Centre on the Constitutional Educational Campaign. The Campaign worked on raising awareness amongst young Palestinians regarding their constitutional rights. In December 2018 Sanaa received the Outstanding Alumni Award from Lancaster ‎University. The Alumni Award recognises Lancaster graduates who have made a ‎substantial contribution in their field and have developed an outstanding national or ‎international reputation amongst their peers. 

Currently, she is working with TAM, the Palestinian Constitutional Court and the Constitutional Studies Centre on the Second Constitutional Educational Campaign. 



Achievements and Awards

  • The first Palestinian woman to obtain a doctorate in constitutional law
  • The first Palestinian and Arab to be awarded the Excellence Award from a British university.

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