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Hisham M. Hilow

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1951
  • Age: 70
  • Curriculum vitae :


Name : Hisham M. Hilow
Place and Date of Birth:
12/11/1951 Amman-Jordan
Nationality: Jordanian
Gender: Male
Marital Status: Married
Address: Department of Mathematics
University of Jordan
Amman, Jordan
Phone(Office): 962-6-5355000, ext. 22083 or 22100
Mobile Phone : 07-96663253 or 07-77631730
Phone(home): 962-6-5154762 or 962-6-505-3836
Fax: 962-6-5348932
E-mail ,
Ph.D. in Statistics (1985) from Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg-Virginia USA.
Dissertation Advisor: Professor Klaus Hinkelmann.
Dissertation Field: Design of Experiments.
2- Statistics (1982) from Virginia Tech University- Blacksburg-Virginia, USA,
Diploma of Proficiency in English (1980) from the University of Michigan
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA.
M.Sc. in Mathematics (1979) from University of Jordan, Jordan
Dissertation Advisor: Professor Mohammad Hamdan.
Dissertation Field: Categorical Data Modeling and Analysis.
Higher Diploma in Education (1979) from The University of Jordan, Jordan.

B.Sc. in Mathematics (1974) from The University of Jordan,Amman- Jordan.

 Professional Administative and Academic Positions:
Visiting Associate Professor of Statistics (2012-2013) Petra University of Jordan-Sabbatical Leave.
Visiting Associate Professor of Statistics (2009-2011) Al-Zaytoonah Jordanian University-Sabbatical Leave.
Chairman of Mathematics Department,The University of Jordan(2005-2008).
Assistant Dean,Faculty of Science ( 2004 – 2005 ) ,The University of Jordan.
Consulting Statistician (1986-2008) Computer Center and Deanship of Academic Research , University of Jordan.
Statistics Instructor and Consultant (1990- 2008), Center for Consultation and Technical Services, The University of Jordan.
Research Assistant (1983-1985), Institutional Research Unit., Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, Virginia,USA.
Teaching Assistant (1981-1982), Statistics Department, Virginia Tech. University, Blacksburg, Virginia USA.
Mathematics Instructor (1979-1981) Math. Department, University of Jordan.
Mathematics Teacher(1974-1979)Prince Hasan High School, Amman-Jordan.

Professional Teaching Experience:
I have taught numerous Mathematics , Statistics and Actuarial Science courses (graduate and undergraduate) at the Math. Dept. of The University of Jordan. I have also taught courses to graduate students of other departments (Industrial Engineering, Biology, Ecology, Pharmacy, Public Health, Nursing and Medicine) as well as to undergraduate students of the following Jordanian universities : Petra Univ., Zaytoonah Univ., Applied Science Univ. and Al-Balqa Applied Univ. Following are names of all courses I have taught so far:

Mathematics Courses(undergraduate)

 Calculus I-II-III, Mathematics for Business, Linear Algebra(I and II), Differential Equations, Matrix Theory, Mathematical Programming ,Operations Research, Abstract Algebra , Numerical Analysis and Discrete Mathematics. Set theory and Mathematical Logic and Complex Analysis .

Statistics andActuarial Science Courses (undergraduate)
Elementary Statistics, Statistical Methods I-II, Engineering Statistics, Biostatistics, Sample Survey Techniques, Experimental Design and Analysis, Probability Theory, Mathematical Statistics, Stochastic Processes, Applied Probability, Time Series Analysis, Survival Analysis, Multivariate Statistics. Actuarial Mathematics(I &II), Mathematics of Finance( I and II) and Risk Theory .

Statistics and Actuarial Science Courses (graduate- M.Sc and Ph.D)

Linear Models, Design of Experiments, Advanced Biostatistics, Environmental Statistics and Biometrics, Time Series Analysis , Stochastic Processes, Categorical Data Modeling and Analysis, Multivariate Statistics, Discriminant and Cluster Analysis and Factor Analysis, Mathematical Statistics, Statistical Quality Control, Advanced Engineering Statistics. Actuarial Mathematics, Actuarial Risk Theory, Survival Analysis , Reliability theory and Special Topics in Design of Experiments.

Short condensed courses and siminars

I also taught short condensed courses in Applied Statistics(using SAS Statistical Package) to governmental and non-governmental researchers . Some of these courses are organized either by the Continuing Education Department of the Center for Consultations and Technical Services of the University of Jordan. I have also given Statistics seminars at universities and governmental and non-governmental institutions. Some of these governmental institutions are: The Jordanian Department of Criminology and The Traffic Institute while some of these non-governmental institutions is Al-Amal Maternity Hospital in Amman-Jordan.

Professional Research Experience:

Most of my research has been in the domain of my two fields of graduate education, namely: Experimental Design and Categorical Data Modeling. I have also developed interest in the diverse applications of Statistics, where some of my published research is of applied flavor.

 Thesis Supervision

 I have supervised the research of nine graduate students. Most of this supervised research was theoretical .The applied research I have supervised was on a variety of areas including: Engineering (quality improvement and process capability) , Environmental (Statistical analysis of rainfall series ) and Medical (mostly in Dentistry). Following are the titles of the 9 dissertations I have supervised:

1. "Balanced 2n screening designs for exploratory sequential factorial experiments" By Khalid Hasan Ahmed Suliman, June 1992.
2. "Balanced 3n designs for sequential factorial experiments" By Ra'if Ibraheem Is'eed, August 1992.
3. "Balanced economic 2n3n designs for sequential factorial experiments" By Ziad Saber Abu-Ziotoun, May 1993.
4. "Construction and analysis of some time trend-free run orders for sequentially carried out factorial and fractional factorial experiments" By Majdi Fathi Abu Al-Haj, May 1996.
5. "Statistical Analysis of Some Confounded Asymmetrical Factorial Designs"
By Luai Al-Labadi, 2000.
6. "Reduction of The Necking Defect of Aluminum Beverage Cans Using Design of Experiments" By Mohammad Khaled Abu-Hammad, August 2001.
7. "Rainfall Analysis During the Twentieth Century and their Associated Environmental Impact in Jordan" By Mona H. Dahabiyeh, August 2002.
8. "Statistical Analysis of Some Orthogonal and Balanced Arrays"By Randa Bashir Hijazeen,August 2003.
9. "Statistical Analysis of Some Loglinear Models for Multidimensional Contingency Tables" By Omar Moh'd Bdair, May 2004.

Membership In Theses Defenses

I have participated in defense committees for several graduate students (M.Sc and
Ph.D) in Statistics and in Industrial Engineering. Topics of these dissertations
covered a variety of theoretical and applied areas in Statistics. Following are the
titles and authors of these dissertations:

Master degree Theses:
1. "Analysis of Regression Data with Missing Regressor Values" By Abdel-Hadi W. Yousef, August 1988.
2. "On Availability Measures for Some Maintained Systems"By Nahed Ramadan Abu-Laban, November 1988.
3. "A Comparative Study of the Maximum Likelihood Estimators in Some Reliability Models" By Sana' Ahmad Abd Al-Raheem Muna, June 1989.
4. "On Accelerated Life Testing Problem"By Khalil Hussain Khalil,August 1989.
5. "Goodness-of-Fit Tests" By Fadwa Sami Haddad, December 1993.
6. "Tolerance Intervals for Gamma Distribution"By Mahmoud Saif Abdel-Rahman Musafa, January 1994.
7. "Optimal Sample Size in Approximating Some Sampling Distributions" By Mohammad El Moudier Mahammad Gobar, May 1999.
8. "Approximating Some Sampling Distributions Based on Some Information
Measures" By Hana'a Mohammed Al-Rashdan, August 2000.
9. "Reliability Estimation" By Hanan Ahmad "HajAhmad", August 2001.
10. Improving Quality Through Analyzing Repeatability and Reproducibility of Measuring Devices for a Wood Industry Company (Case Study)"By Abbas Mohammed Al Refaie, January 2002.
11. “Relations for expectations of generalized order statistics and their characterizations” By Lina Naim Abu-Lawi ,May 2004
12. "Order Property of Information Measures"By Ma'moun Abu Hammad, August, 2004.
13. "Application of Entropy Measures to Life Testing Models" By Mohammad Haatab, May, 2005.
14. "On Sup-Entropy Measures" By Mohammad Omar Sahtout, January 2006.
15. "On Renyi Entropy Measures" By Nobogh Qumsiyeh, March 2006 .
16. "Best Linear Estimation Using Ranked Set Sampling"By Maisa R. Shadid , August 2006.
17. "Applications of some entropy measures on censored data"By Doha H.M. Hamed , January 2007.
18. "Current Record Statistics: Concepts and Distributional Properties" By Murad A. Ahmed, May 2007.
19. "Generalized Logistic Distribution: estimation and comparative study"By Muna R.Al-Kasasbeh, May 2007.
20. "Efficiency of censored samples based on entropy measures"By Omar A.I. Kittaneh, June 2008.
21. "Classification of distributions according to their entropy and information measures" By Rimah Abu Raed November 2008
22. "Order Statistics from Proportional Reversed Hazard Rate Model"By Areej Lafi,. March 2009.
23. "Bounds for the mean past life function of (n-k+1)-out-of-n system"By Hanaa Lafi, May 2009.
24."Prediction of future order statistics from Pareto distribution based on doubly
censored samples" By Nasser Qandil, July 2009.
25. " Approximate Method for Bivariate Stratification of a population"By Adel
Oliemat, April 2011.
26. " Estimation of parameters of the Burr-XII distribution based on progressive
censoring using the EM algorithm"By: Adila B. Jaber August 2012.

Doctorater degree Theses
26."Bioavailability Indices and their Role in Bioequivalence Studies"By Husam A. Bayoud , August 2007.
27."Characterization of Maximum entropy models"BY Salema A.Al-Mutlak, December 2008.
28."Statistical Inference and Prediction Involving Ordered Data" By Raed R. Abu Awwad October 2011
29 "On Comparison of Fisher Information of the Weibull and Genralized Rayleigh
Distributions" By Morad A.Ahmad 2012

Invitation for short visits abroad; Among such visits are to:
(1) Germany funded by the DAAD research authority for a three-month
summer project in 1990.
(2) the Statistics Department of the University of Toronto–Canada, (Fall 2005) to
establish cooperation in Actuarial Science education and professional
accreditation of Actuarial Science graduates.
Nomination to represent the University of Jordan : Among such
nominations are:
1. to the Public Security Department of Jordan in (1989) for upgrading their statistical techniques in handling and documenting criminal data.
2. to the conference entitled: "The Role of the Actuary in Jordanian Economy" held in Amman-Jordan (1999).
3. to participate -through V-SATTELITE- in (2004) for UNESCO demonstration
of its IDAMS Statistics software .
 Evaluating Faculty Research for Promotion:
I have been selected by Al-Najah University in the West Bank-Palestine(2006)
and by The Islamic University of Qaza Strip –Palestine (2007) to evaluate the
research of some of their faculty members for their promotion to the rank of
associateship in Statistics.
Papers Presented at Local and International Conferences:
1. "Screening Factor Effects in Sequential Factorial Experiments"
International Conference on Combinatorics , Optimization, and Statistics.
Srinagar, India, August 17-21/1987.
2. "Analysis of Webb's Four Saturated 2n Designs"
International Annual Meeting of the American Statistical Association.
Washington D.C, August 5-10/1989.
3. "Expansible – Contractible Factorial Designs"
International Conference on Mathematics and its Applications.
University of Bahrain, Bahrain, November 25-28/1990.
4. “Estimation and testing for the parameters of the Bivariate Poisson Population based on 2x2 sample” First Jordanian Mathematics Conference,The Univ.of Jordan, Amman, September 2-4/1991.
5. "Methods for Teaching Applied Statistics" Conference on teaching methods for Statistics. Statistics Department of Yarmouk University, Irbid, Jordan, November 25-26, 1992.
6. "McNemar's Problem in 2x2x2 Contingency Tables" Fourth Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical Sciences.Lahore – Pakistan, August 27-31/1994.
7. "Statistical analysis for Traffic Accidents in Jordan during 1998-2000",
Conference on Traffic Safety in Jordan, Amman, Jordan 2002.

 Professional paper reviewing and consulting activities:
 Reviewing & Refereeing Research Articles
Quite much of my professional activities were devoted to teaching and towards reviewing research articles in diverse areas of theoretical and applied Statistics. As a reviewer ,I have served an editorial member , a reviewer and a referee for several local and international Statistics journals. These journals are: Pakistan Journal of Statistics, Journal of Probability and Statistical Science, Jordan Journal of Mathematics and Statistics , Dirasat Journal of The Univ. of Jordan, Mu’tah Research Journal of Mu'tah Univ., Al-Basa’er Journal of Petra Univ. , Journal of Arab Universities Federation, Scientific Journals International and Jordan Dental Journal and Bioinfo Publication Journals/Journal of Statistics and Mathematics. Following are titles of the articles I have reviewed for these journals:

Achievements and Awards

1. The 1997 prize of the Middle East Fertility Society for the research on IVF fertilization (No.11 in the publication list below) .
2. Thanks with gratitude from the Middle East Canning Industry-Jordan for supervising the research entitled "minimization of neck deformation defects in aluminum beverage cans by experimental design techniques" which resulted in savings of tens of thousands of dollars.
3. Key-note speaker at the Fourth Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical Sciences, Lahore – Pakistan, August 27-31/1994.
4. I was selected by the International Program Committee of the Fourth Islamic Countries Conference on Statistical Sciences (Lahore – Pakistan, 1994) to chair the technical session entitled "Statistical Methodology – VII".
5. Gratitude from the Jordan Traffic Institute of the Public Security Department
for supervising the project entitled "Statistical Analysis of Traffic
Accidents in Jordan During 1998-2000" .


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