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Nader Moh`d Nazzal Albsoul

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1961
  • Age: 60
  • Curriculum vitae :


Curriculum Vitae
Albsoul, Nader Moh`d Nazzal
Address B.O.Box 735 Amman 11953 Jordan
Tel/Fax +962-6-5544319
Mobile +962-79-567-3425
Sex male
Marital status Married with kids
D.O.B 15, Feb, 1961
Nationality Jordanian
Languages Fluent Arabic, English and Russian
Hobbies Swimming, Reading, Dining and Picnics
Current Position
Associate professor of General Surgery, Head and Neck Surgery,
School of Medicine, the University Of Jordan
Past posts
- Chairman, Department of Surgery, School of Medicine, the
University of Jordan 2012- 2014
- Assistant Dean for Training Affairs, School of Medicine, the
University of Jordan 2011-2012
- Head of Quality Office, Jordan University Hospital 2011-2012

Career Path
Jan, 1999--March, 2000
Fellow in Head and Neck Surgery.
St Vincent’s Hospital
Darling Hurst Sydney 2010
Fellow in Head and Neck Surgery.
Royal North Shore Hospital
St. Leonard’s NSW 2065
July, 1993--Jan, 1997
Teaching assistant in the faculty of medicine and clinical fellow.
Department of surgery, Jordan University Hospital
June, 1992-July, 1993
Senior Surgical Registrar.
Emergency Department, Jordan University Hospital.
Amman. Jordan.
General Surgery Registrar.
Hospital Training in general surgery at the Jordanian University Hospital
(500 Beds).This is an accredited surgical training in general surgery and
major subspecialty with yearly evaluation, after which an M.Sc Degree in
general surgery granted.
Princess Basma Hospital, Irbid Jordan

2010 Fellowship of American Institute of Health Quality
1997-1999 Fellowship in Head and Neck surgery
Northern Clinical School, University of Sydney AUSTRALIA
1987-1992 Jordanian Board in General Surgery.
Jordanian Medical Council
1987-1992 M.Sc in General Surgery
University of Jordan
1979-1986 Diploma in Medicine
Stavropol medical institute, Russia
1979 High School certificate scientific stream 89.8%
1999 Foundation member AUS & N.Z Head & Neck Society
1997 NSW Medical Council
1992 Jordanian Association of General Surgery
1986 Jordanian Medical Association
2006 Jordan Oncology Society
2007 International society of surgery
Professional Experience
1-Member of the academic committee for General surgery at the Arab
Board of Health Specializations
2-Examiner and organiser of membership exams for the Royal College of
Surgeons of Ireland (MRCS I)
3- Member of the academic committee for General surgery at Jordan
medical council
4-Organiser and tutor of basic surgical training course for the Royal
College of Surgeons of Ireland (MRCS I)

5-Examiner at school of medicine (the University of Jordan) for under
and post graduate students since 2000
6-External examiner at other local medical schools
7-Editor for Saudi Medical Journal
Dr. A.G. Poole FRACS, FACS
61 Eton Road
Lind field
NSW 2070
Prof. L. Delbridge MD FRANCS
Department of surgery RNSH
Reserve Road
Prof. Ahmad S. Srojieeh FRCS
P.O.Box 13046
Faculty of medicine, University of Jordan
Amman – Jordan
Dr. B.F Sheridan FRANCS, FRCS
Suit 707 level 7
St Vincent’s Clinic
438 Victoria Street
Darling Hurst NSW 2010
Published Articles
 Salvage Vertical Partial Laryngectomy for Radiation
Failure in Early Glottic Carcinoma
ANZ Journal of Surgery October 2002
 Clinical Spectrum of Primary Hyperparathyroidism
Saudi Medical Journal Feb 2003
 Sternal Fractures
The Egyptian Journal of Chest Disease and Tuberculosis, October

 Neck Dissection of Level IIb: Is it Really Necessary?
The Laryngoscope, September 2005
 New trends in the clinicopathological features of differentiated
thyroid cancer in Central Jordan
Saudi Medical Journal, Feb 2006
 Ileal perforation caused by swallowed foreign body case
presentation and review 0f literature. Journal of the Bahrain
Medical society. Oct 2008
 Giant intra abdominal seminoma, clinical note, Saudi Medical
Journal March 2009
 Hurthle Cell Carcinoma: Expanded View, Jordan Medical Journal
 Carotid Body Tumour, management and outcome, European
Journal of scientific Research 2010
 Recurrent right sublingual ranula, concomitant with ipsilateral
submandibular salivary gland aplasia
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 4(2013)229-231
 Underlay mesh repair for spontaneous lumbar hernia
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 6(2013) 534-536
 Parotid Tumors: A Single Institution Experience in Jordan
Acta Medica Mediterranea, 2013, 29: 77
 Isolated Multiple Bilateral Thyroid Metastases from Prostatic
Adenocarcinoma: Case Report and Literature Review
Endocrine Pathology DOI 10.1007/s12022-013-9232-4
 Management of Ovarian Dermoid Cysts at Jordan University
Hospital: A Teaching Hospital Experience
American Journal of Scientific Research 89:2013 109-115
 Early vs. late tracheostomy for the ICU patients: Experience in a
refferral hospital
Saudi Journal of Anesthesia Vol. 6(2012), Issue 2, pp. 152-154
 A rare case of extracranial meningioma in parapharyngeal
spacepresented as a neck mass
International Journal of Surgery Case Reports, 11 (2015) 40-43.

 Performance of chloride/phosphate test in patients with primary
Is it related to calcium level?
Saudi Medical Journal, 2013; Vol. 34 (8)
 Comparison of ilioinguinal / iliohypogastric nerve blocks and
intravenous morphine for control of post – orchidopexy pain in
pediatric ambulatory surgery
Middle East Journal Anesthesia 22 (4).2014
 The magnitude of antral resection in laparoscopic sleeve
gastrectomy and its relationship to excess weight loss
Obesity surgery 3/2015, Dol: 10.1007/s11695-015-1642-6

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