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Bareqa Ibrahim Salah

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1960
  • Age: 61
  • Curriculum vitae :


Curriculum Vita
Bareqa I.Salah
1. Personal information:
Name: Bareqa Ibraheem Salah Hbishan
Nationality: Jordanian.
Sex: Female.
Date of birth: 6/4 /1960
Place of Birth: Baghdad - Iraq
Marital Status: Married.
Number of children: 3
Current Address: Shafa Badran
57 Jerus Ibraheem
Al Rehahi Street 755,TLA-ALI
Telephone (mobile): 00962795001895
Lanhuages: Arabic, English.
2. Educational background:
1997: Fellow ship (FRCS) (ED)/UK
1997-1999: overseas training scheme programme fellow ship in plastic,
Royal college of physcions and Surgeons/Glasgow/UK
1986-1989: Residancy programme, General Surgery Depatrment, The
University of Jordan Hospital.
1989: Jordanian Board in Geneal Surgery, Jordanian Medical Council.
1989: Masters degree in General Surgery, The University of Jordan.
1978-1984: MD, The Univercity of Jordan, School of medicine.
1978: Tawjihi, Islamic Scientific College, general average 96%.
3. Work Experience:
1984-1985: Internship at J.U.H.
1985-1989: Residency programme in General Surgery at J.U.H.
1989-1991: Fellow in General Surgery at J.U.H.
1991-1994: Specialist at ministry of health, Karak Hospital.
1994-1995: Teaching assistant at J.U, School of medicine.
1995-1999: Training at Canniecburn Hospital, Glasgow, UK, in plastic
surgery as research fellow and registrar.
1990-2010: Assistant Professor, School of medicine-J.U.
2010-till now: Associate Professor in plastic surgery.
4. Publications:
1. Risk factors for hematoma development post reduction mammaplasty:
Novel associations and implications.
Bareqa Salah, Subhi Al Ghanem, Jamal Al Masaad, Muhammad
Nassar, Mahomoud Al Mostfa.
Puplished in Jordaninan Medical Journal Vol. 45, No 1 (2011)
2. Histologic profiles of reduction mammaplasty specimens among
Jordanian females.
Bareqa Salah, Subhi Al Ghanem, Jamal Al Masaad, Muhammad
Nassar, Mahomoud Al Mostfa.
To be published in the Jordanian Medical Journal on March 2013
3. Fasciocutaneous flaps stil an option for lower limb defects.
Sameer Jabaieti, Bareqa Salah, Shahir Al – Hadidi etal
Saudi Medical Journal October 2006.
4. The effect of radiotherapy on the use of immediate breast
Majdi Al Husseini, Bareqa Salah, Andy Malyon, Eva Weiler Mithoff
European Journal of Surgical Oncology. 2004 30, 490 – 494.
5. Wires out of the back. Case report.
Awni Musharbash, Bareqa Salah
Turkish Neurosurgery 2006, Vol: 16, No: 3,154 – 155.
6. Breast reconstruction by local flaps after conserving surgery for breast
cancer: An added asset to oncoplastic techniques.
Jamal Al Masaad, Bareqa Salah.
The Breast Journal. Vol 14, No: 4, 2008 340 - 344
5. Hobbies and member ship:
- Member of the Jordanian Surgical Society.
- Member in the medical committee of Jordinan Hashimite Found
for human development.
- Tutor on the microvascular corse at school of medicine Octobor
2010, 2011, 2013.

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