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Hanan D Jafar

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1982
  • Age: 39
  • Curriculum vitae :

Mobile : +962-79-8871087
Work : +962-6-5355000ext23960
Home : +962-6-5332052
Amman – Jordan
Hanan D. Jafar, BDS MSc PhD
Personal Info
Nationality : Jordanian
Birth Date : Feb. 5th, 1982
Social Status : Married
Address : Amman-Jordan
Telephone : +962 79 8871087
Arabic : Mother Tongue
English : Excellent
Objectives  To work in a friendly environment in order to gain experience and
exploit my full potentials, use my knowledge, experience, and
professionalism to perform all the requirements of my assigned
duties, get exposed to new technologies, and participate in them.
 To be part of advancing scientific research in the field of cell biology and
regenerative medicine, and to study the translational aspects of this
research so that it can be applied to patients.
 To be able to transfer my academic knowledge and experiences to early
career scientists and students, and to mentor them into achieving their
full potential.
 PhD Biology (Thesis Title: In vitro evaluation of stem cells from the
apical papilla (SCAP) and periodontal ligament stem cells (PDLSCs)
in the presence of platelet lysate)
University of Jordan (2012-2015) Grade (3.98/4)
 MSc Anatomy, Histology & Embryology
University of Jordan (2008) Grade (3.73/4)
 DDS Oral and Dental Surgery
University of Jordan (2005) Grade (3.62/4)
 Tawjihi certificate, Scientific Stream.
N.T.S HIGH SCHOOL, Average (94.8%).
Scholarships and
Work Experience
 1/9/2014 – present time Instructor/Faculty Member, Department of
Anatomy, Histology & Embryology / School of Medicine
University of Jordan
 2/9/2011 – present time Assistant Director, Cell Therapy Center
University of Jordan
 23/10/2008 –1/9/2011 Lecturer/Faculty Member, Department of
Anatomy, Histology & Embryology / School of Medicine
University of Jordan
 16/4/2006 – 22/10/2008 Teaching and Research Assistant,
Department of Anatomy Histology & Embryology / School of
Medicine University of Jordan
 1/2/2006 – 31/3/2006 Practicing Dentist, Jordan University Hospital
 12/7/2005 – 12/1/2006 Dental Intern, Jordan University Hospital
Key Responsibilities
at Current Position
• As Executive
 Organizing and note-keeping of Board meetings
 Participating in several committees and meetings
 Overseeing quality assurance, standard operating procedures
development, and proper documentation
 Participating in planning, developing and managing a budget
 Participating in the recruitment and selection process of
• As Manager
 Making decisions on purchasing orders and organizing priorities
in order to meet the center's vision
 Participating in preparing the center's strategic plan with a
special focus on drawing procedures and policies for
Providing guidance and leadership for performance
 Overseeing several projects and managing them logistically,
financially and scientifically
• As Researcher
 Leading planning for the development of new clinical trials
 Performing literature review and prior art search
 Participating in writing grant applications, scientific publications
and patent applications
 Providing technical support on several experiments and
 Performing several research techniques and teaching them to
my team members
• As Faculty Member
 Delivering lectures and hand-on demonstrations to undergraduate
medical, dental, pharmacy, nursing and rehabilitation
students in Human anatomy, Histology, and Embryology
 Supervising several research groups consisting of researchers,
graduate and under- graduate students
 Participating in several committees and meetings with regard to
student affairs
 Al Demour S, Jafar H, Adwan S, AlSharif A, Alhawari H, Alrabadi A,
Zayed A, Jaradat A, & Awidi, A. (2018). Safety and Potential Therapeutic
Effect of Two Intracavernous Autologous Bone Marrow Derived
Mesenchymal Stem Cells injections in Diabetic Patients with Erectile
Dysfunction: An Open Label Phase I Clinical Trial. Urologia
internationalis, 1-8.
 Hasweh N, Awidi A, Rajab L, Hiyasat A, Jafar H, Islam N, Hasan M, &
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BiodentineTM on primary dental pulp stem cells. Indian Journal of Dental
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 Abu-Ameerh M, Jafar H, Hasan M, Al Bdour M, Msallam M, Ababneh
O, Alhattab D, Al-Kurdi B, Awidi A, & Awidi A (2018). Platelet lysate
promotes re-epithelialization of persistent epithelial defects: a pilot
study. International ophthalmology, 1-8.
 Azab B, Barham R, Ali D, Dardas Z, Rashdan L, Bijawi M, Maswadi R,
Awidi A, Jafar H, Abu-Ameereh M, Al-Bdour M, Amr S, & Awidi A
(2018). Novel CERKL variant in consanguineous Jordanian pedigrees with
inherited retinal dystrophies. Canadian Journal of Ophthalmology.
 Al-Najar M, Khalil H, Al-Ajlouni J, Al-Antary E, Hamdan M, Rahmeh R,
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Jafar H, & Awidi A. (2017). Intra-articular injection of expanded
autologous bone marrow mesenchymal cells in moderate and severe knee
osteoarthritis is safe: a phase I/II study. Journal of Orthopaedic Surgery
and Research, 12(1), 190.
 Azab B, Dardas Z, Hamarsheh M, Alsalem M, Kilani Z, Kilani F, Awidi
A, Jafar H & Amr S. (2017). Novel frameshift variant in the IDUA gene
underlies Mucopolysaccharidoses type I in a consanguineous Yemeni
pedigree. Molecular Genetics and Metabolism Reports, 12, 76-79.
 Kailani M, Jafar H & Awidi A. (2016). Synthetic Biomaterials for Skin
Tissue Engineering. Skin Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine,
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Health Alternative Therapy. Jordan Medical Journal, 49(1).
 Alshaaer M, Kailani M, Jafar H, Ababneh N, & Awidi A. (2013).
Physicochemical and microstructural characterization of injectable loadbearing
calcium phosphate scaffold. Advances in Materials Science and
Engineering, 2013.
 Awidi A, Abu Harfeil N, Jafar H, Abu Arqoub D, Ismail S & Kailani
M. (2012). The in vitro effect of autologous platelet lysate on different
types of mesenchymal stem cells. Regen Res, 1(1), 25-32.
Research and
 Fellowship at Ionpath Inc. (a start-up out of Stanford University), as
part of US state department program Techwomen
 Associate researcher in Cutaneous group Blizard Institute for
regenerative medicine Queen Mary University of London
 Tissue culture techniques including primary cells and cell lines
(maintaining cell culture, passaging, freezing thawing, colony
forming efficiency, …)
 Microscopy techniques including scanning and transmission electron
microscopy, confocal microscopy, wide field fluorescence
microscopy, conventional light microscopy
 Histopathology sample preparation and electron microscopy sample
 Molecular biology techniques: DNA and RNA extraction,
conventional PCR, Real time PCR, basic knowledge of sequencer
and next generation sequencer, basic knowledge of flow cytometry
and microarray
 Basic understanding of analytical methods using mass spectrometry
Grants and Research
 Mesenchymal stem cells as a therapeutic option for diabetic
nephropathy; An in vitro study, Principal Investigator (Grant:
 Comparative assessment of different doses of Wharton Jelly
mesenchyml stem cells in the treatment of diabetes-related erectile
dysfunction: A phase I-b clinical trial, Associate Investigator
(Grant: 19400JD)
 Use of allogenic adipose derived mesenchymal stem cells in the
treatment of knee osteoarthritis: A phase I/II clinical trial, Associate
Investigator (Grant: 20000JD)
 Use of stem cells in newly diagnosed type 1 diabetes mellitus adults:
A phase I clinical trial, Principal Investigator (Grant 20000JD)
 Application of next generation sequencing for the molecular
diagnosis of retinitis pigmintosa patients in Jordan, Associate
Investigator (Grant: 49300JD)
 Next generation sequencing for the diagnosis of hereditary hearing
loss, Associate Investigator (Grant: 20000JD)
 Developing a novel tracking system for mesenchymal stem cells,
Associate Investigator (Grant: 20000JD)
 Functional characterization of stem cells from dental apical papilla
and periodontal ligament in the presence of platelet lysate, Principal
Investigator (Grant: 30000)
 Production of corneal epithelium derived from limbal stem cells,
Associate Investigator (Grant:481590JD)
 Assessment of intracavernous injection of autologous bone marrow
derived mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of diabetes
associate erectile dysfunction, Associate Investigator (Grant:
 Safety and efficacy of intramuscular platelet lysate injection in
peripheral arterial disease patients, Associate Investigator (Grant:
 Comparative assessment of platelet lysate injection in long-standing
diabetic foot ulcers: A double-blind placebo controlled clinical trial,
Associate Investigator (Grant: 40000JD)
 Production of human skin in vitro, Associate Investigator (Grant:
 Molecular diagnosis of familial breast cancer patients through next
generation sequencing of BRCA genes, Associate Investigator
(Grant: 53000JD)
 Use of Wharton jelly mesenchymal stem cells in inflammatory bowel
disease, Co-Primary Investigator (Grant: 143000JD)
 Design thinking and impact design workshop, by Autodesk,
California, USA
 Leadership workshop, by LinkdIn, California, USA
 Advanced Botulinum Toxin and Dermal Filler Training, by American
Academy of Facial Esthetics, Miami, USA
 NIH Clinical Research Training course, by National Institute of Health
(USA), on-line course
 Research Ethics; Waiver of Informed Consent: What are the Criteria,
by University of Maryland (USA), on-line CME course
 Advanced confocal microscopy, by Zeiss, Munich, Germany
 Introduction to electron microscopy, by FEI, University of Jordan,
 Innovating strategically workshop, by Institute of Management
Consultants, Amman, Jordan
 Introduction to Confocal and super-resolution microscopy (ZEISS
LSM 780 with Elyra system), by Zeiss, University of Jordan, Jordan
 Basics of scanning electron microscopy, Jordan University of
science and technology, Jordan
 Advanced training on dual beam electron microscope, FEI academy,
 Imaging at the nano level symposium, Oregon University of health
and sciences, USA
 Real time PCR principles and practice, University of Jordan
 Basics of Tissue Culture, University of Jordan
 A 3-month course in Teaching Methods, 2009, University of Jordan
 A 6-month course in Dental Implantology, 2006, American Academy
of Implant Dentistry, Jordan University of Science and Technology
 Vice president of Jordanian national stem cell committee
 Jordan dental association
 American academy of implant dentistry
Computer Activities
 Using all Windows Applications such as MS Office (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, and access database).
 Productive and efficient.
 Excellent leadership qualities.
 Have good organizational skills and able to work under minimal
 Have the ability to work under pressure.
 Strong communication skills and excellent troubleshooting skills.
 Motivating others to provide a high level of service.
 Focused and target-oriented.
References Prof Abdalla Awidi Abbadi
Director/Cell Therapy Center
The University of Jordan
Prof Said Ismail
Manager/Qatar Genome Program
Qatar Foundation

Achievements and Awards

  •  TechWomen Emerging Leaders Fellowship United States
  • Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs
  •  PhD studentship University of Jordan (rank 1st in class)
  •  MSc studentship University of Jordan (rank 1st in class)
  •  BDS studentship University of Jordan (rank top 3 in class)

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