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Ruba M. Jaber

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1980
  • Age: 41
  • Curriculum vitae :


Ruba M. Jaber
25th Sept 1980
University of Jordan/ Faculty of Medicine
Assistant Prof Family Medicine
Women and Child’s health consultant
Objective: Academic General Practitioner, with
clinical research and teaching interest. Aiming
provide holistic care to my patients, supporting
my students and community via evidence based
teaching and clinical research
Appointments and positions
14/2/2013 - current
 Women and child health specialist/ Family
Medicine consultant: University of Jordan
 Assistant Professor Family
Medicine/Department of Community and
Family Medicine, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Jordan
 1/7/2014- current: Program Director of the
Postgraduate clinical training program of
Family medicine at the Faculty of Medicine/
University of Jordan Hospital
 7/9/2013-8/9/2014 : Assistant Dean For
students' and Graduate Affairs.
 7/9/2013-8/9/2014: Head of the clinical
training committee, Faculty of Medicine,
University of Jordan
 Head of Graduate committee, Faculty of
Medicine, University of Jordan
 Member of the faculty of medicine
 March 2011- Feb 2013: clinical Fellowship in
Women and Child’s health at several
centers crosses Melbourne, Victoria.
 Feb 2010- Feb 2011: Specialist Family
medicine; University of Jordan hospital. at
family medicine clinics, Jordan University
 July 2009- Feb 2010: family medicine
practitioner at private sector, taking care of
out patients in full time job.
 July 2005- June 2009: Family medicine
resident at Jordan University Hospital,
being the Chief resident for the last year
with the responsibility to supervise other
resident performance.
Education and qualifications:
 March 2011- Feb 2013. Women’s and child’s
health fellow/ observer ship at Monash
University, Victoria.
 Sep.2009 Jordanian Board of Family
medicine (JBFM).
 June 2009Master degree of family medicine
from Jordan University,(with straight A
 June 2004 MBBS: Bachelor degree in
medicine and general surgery, Jordan
University of Science and Technology, Irbid,
Jordan, with very good degree (83.6%)
 1998 Secondary school degree from Al-
Itahad School, Amman Jordan, with
excellent degree (96.8%)
Teaching Experiences:
 Feb 2013 Till current Time: Assistant Prof in
Family Medicine, taking the responsibilities of
teaching and supervising 5th year medical
students through their rotation in the Family
Medicine Department
 Feb 2013 Till current time: Assistant Prof
Family Medicine at Jordan University
Hospital, taking the responsibilities of
Guiding and supervising Family medicine
residents through their 4 year training
 July 2011- Aug 2012 : PBL and CBL tutor at
Medical school, Monash University/ Clayton
 Feb. 2010 to Feb. 2011: teaching and research
assistant, at family medicine department at
University Of Jordan:
Teaching responsibilities:
 Responsible of teaching 5th year medical
through their rotation at family medicine.
Including both pure medical materials in
addition to the medical consultation,
communication skills, patient doctor
relationship, and management plan. And an
introduction to E.B.M.
 3 teaching clinics per week in which medical
students are observing then discussing cases
seen in each clinic.
 Responsible of teaching residents
(postgraduate), particularly 1st and 2nd
year, principles of family medicine. In
addition to supervising their seminars.
Research skills:
 Feb 2010- Feb 2011: work as teaching and
Research assistant at the University of
Jordan at Family Medicine department,
being involved in research including data
collection, literature review and editing.
 Some research experience during the four
years of residency at Jordan University,
working mainly in data gathering and
literature reviewing
 Barghouti FF, Yasein NA, Jaber RM,
Hatamleh LN, Takruri AH. Prevalence and
risk factors of urinary incontinence among
Jordanian women: impact on their life.
Health care for women international.
 Barghouti FF, Yassein NA, Jaber RM,
Khader NJ, Al Shokhaibi S, Almohtaseb A,
et al. Short course in evidence-based
medicine improves knowledge and skills
of undergraduate medical students: a
before-and-after study. Teaching and
learning in medicine. 2013;25(3):191-4
 Yasein N, Jarrah S, Petro-Nustas W, Ahmad
M, Jaber R, Terzi N, et al. Obesity Indices
and their Relationship to Cardiovascular
Risk Factors in Young Adult Group. Jounal
of The Bahrain Medical Society. 2010;22(4):133-
 Ruba Jaber 2008. The Prevalence and
Correlate of depression in Primary Care.
Paper presented at the 7th Jordan society of
family medicine, 2008
 Ruba Jaber 2015 , Prevention and screening for
Iron Deficiency and Iron Deficiency Anaemia in
Children 0-3 years old: An International Review
of Guideline,2nd WONCA EMR conference, 30th
April- 2nd May 2015, Dubai, UAE
Skills and Qualifications:
 Microsoft office and Internet
 Fluent in English (IELTS of 8) and Arabic
Attendance of many CME activities, at different
family medicine issues, like:
 Participation in the first annual and ECG
and arrhythmia Workshop/ Alkhalidi
Training center, 23-24th Oct 2015, Amman ,
 Participation in the 10th international
conference of the Jordanian Society of
Family medicine, Amman, Jordan
 1-2 of Sept 2014 Participation of the WHO
Regional training workshop on the
implementation of the WHO FCTC
Guidelines on training Tobacco dependence
 23rd -25th attendance of the 13th
International Eastern Mediterranean Family
Medicine Symposium, Adana, Turkey
 29th of April- 2nd of May Attendance of the
10th international conference of Jordan
society of Family Medicine
 4-5th of Feb 2012 Advance obstetric life
support certificate
 Introductory ultrasound for Pregnancy
assessment certificate: ultrasound training
solution/ Melbourne, Victoria ;13-16
December 2011
 Certificate course - The Sexual Health and
Family Planning Australia Certificate in
Sexual and Reproductive Health for Medical
Practitioners. 7-11 Nov 2011.
 33rd John Murtagh Annual Update Course
For GPs ;2nd -4th November 2011
 Introduction to Evidence Based Practice
workshop, Southern Health; 16th Nov 2011.
 Evidence-Based Change Process workshop,
Southern health; 13th Nov 2011.
 “What’s new? Dietary Guidelines for Infants
and Children Seminar”, Monash university;
26th Sept 2011.
 Childbirth Educators Training Program, the
Royal Women Hospital, Melbourne,
Victoria; 24-26th Oct 2011.
 Teaching small group Workshop, Health
Professional education, Monash University;
July 2011
 Planning Your Teaching workshop, Health
professional education, Monash University;
July 2011
 Participated in the 10th conference of the
union of the Arab pediatric society & the 9th
conference of Jordan pediatric society…. Oct
8-11/ 2002
 Attendance and participation of the Breast
cancer work shop, King Hussein Cancer
Center, Amman-Jordan; 20th Dec 2004
 Finishing the requirement for the clinical
training in IUD insertion ( certificated from
Jordanian ministry of health; 6th Dec 2004
 Participation and completion of training
program of advanced course in family
planning ( certificated by the Jordanian
Medical Council; 17th Dec 2004
 Attendance of the 1st international
conference of primary care, Amman, Jordan;
10-12th Nov. 2005
 Attendance of the 6th international
conference of the Jordan society of Family
Medicine; 8-10th Nov 2006
 Participated in the workshop of Comorbidity
of medical & psychiatric
disorders, 2007
 Presenting a paper in the 7thinternational
conference of the Jordan society of Family
Medicine, (Prevalence and Correlate of
depression in Primary Care).
Dr Martin Tusznski; ; Pediatrician consultant
Monash children; Monash Medical Center/
Clayton: Victoria; . P: 0395436665. E-mail:
Dr. Mohammad Elmaghableh; western health
HMOII general year; MBBS, PhD pharmacology,
Melbourne, Victoria Tele: 0424880841. E-mail:
Dr. Farihan Barghuoti. Family medicine
consultant, Jordan University Hospital, Amman,
Jordan; tele: 00962777160850; e-mail:
Dr. Nada Yasein, Family medicine Consultant,
Jordan university Hospital, Amman, Jordan;
tele: 0096279126760. E-mail:

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