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Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1958
  • Age: 63
  • Curriculum vitae :


Amman – Jordan
P.O.Box 23076
Code 11115
Email Address:
Cellualar Phone (+) 962799764095
Home Phone (+) 96265861995
Date of birth: March 29, 1958.
Place of birth: Amman, Jordan.
Marital status: Married, have six children.
Nationality: Jordanian.
Languages: Arabic and English.
1. American Board Certificate in Clinical Neurophysiology June 1996.
2. American Board Certificate in Neurology, June 1995.
3. Jordanian medical council board certificate in neurology 1997
4. Jordan medical counsel board certificate in Internal Medicine, December
5. Masters degree in Internal Medicine, Jordan University Hospital, June
6. M.B, BS. Faculty of medicine, University of Jordan, June 1982, Amman,
Jordan, English language curriculum,
ranked second among 82 graduates, scored 76% (Very Good )
7. FMGEMS, ECFMG certificate, July 1987, scored: Basic 82, Clinical 86.
8. Flex examination, NJ, June 1991, scored: part I, 88, part II, 88.
9. Canadian medical counsel evaluating examination, 1983.
10.ACLS and ATLS certificates.
11.NJ medical license.
12.The general secondary school certificate, 1976, scored 96.9%.

1. Rotating internship, Islamic hospital, Amman, Jordan, July 1982-June
2. Residency in Internal Medicine, Jordan University Hospital, July 1983-
June 1986.
3. Physician at King Hussein Medical Center, Internal medicine and
nephrology department, and Queen Alia heart institute (cardiology
center), July 1986-June 1988.
4. Internist at Olaya Medical Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, July 1988-June
5. PGYI - Internal Medicine, Seton Hall University, St. Joseph’s Hospital
and Medical Center, Paterson, NJ-USA, July 1990-June 1991.
6. Neurology resident at the department of Neurology at the University of
Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ), July 1st, 1991--June
30th, 1993.
7. Chief resident (Neurology) at UMDNJ, from July 1st, 1993-- June 30th,
8. One year fellowship in Epilepsy at Hospital for Joint Diseases, New York
University (NYU) Medical Center, from July 1st, 1994 -- June 30th, 1995.
9. One year of fellowship in Clinical Neurophysiology at the Hospital for
Joint Diseases NYU medical center, from July 1st, 1995 -- June 30th,
10.Assistant Professor of neurology at the department of medicine, Faculty
of Medicine, Jordan University from August 3rd 1996 --August 31st
11.Attending neurologist at the Islamic Hospital, Amman-Jordan from
September 1st 1997- November 31st ,1997
12.Consultant neurologist at Olaya Medical Center Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
from December 3rd, 1997 till December 31st 1998.
13.Consultant neurologist at King Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah,
Saudi Arabia from January 1st, 1999- December 31st ,2005.
14.Locum senior consultant neurologist at Sheikh Khalifa Medical Center ,
Abu Dhabi, UAE from April 21st till May 22nd , 2006.
15.Assistant Porfessor at faculty of medicine/ Jordan University , Amman-
Jordan from January 1st 2006 till now ( Neuroscince department, Internal

1. Evaluation and management or the wide spectrum of patients with acute
and chronic neurological illness.
2.Interpretation of different Neuroimaging data.
3.Performance and interpretation of highly specialized neurophysiolgic
techniques including Electrorencephalography, EEG, Electromyography,
EMG, Evoked potential studies, VEP, BAER, SSEP, and nerve conduction
studies NCS.
4.Management and evaluation of intractable epileptic patients with pre
surgical evaluation including continuous video EEG monitoring, intracranial
EEG monitoring, and ambulatory EEG interpretation.

Published papers :
1. Hepatitis B virus infection in urban residents of Jordan with particular
reference to socioeconomic features. Toukan-AU; Sharaiha –ZK; Abu-el
Rob-OA; Hmoud- MK; Dahbour SS; Abu- Hassan-H; Yacoub-SM;
Margolis- HS. Tropical Gastro. 1987, July-Sep; (8): 161-6.
2. The seroepidemiology of hepatitis A virus infection in Jordan. Toukan-
AU; Sharaiha –ZK; Abu-el Rob-OA; Hmoud- MK; Dahbour SS; Abu-
Hassan-H; Yacoub-SM; Margolis- HS. Tropical Gastroenterol. 1988
Apr-Jun; 9 (2): 76-9.
3. The epidemiology of hepatitis B virus among family members in the
Middle East. Toukan –AU; Sharaiha- ZK; Abu-el- Rub- ; Dahbour- SS
OA; Hmoud-MK;Abu Hassan-H; Yacoub-SM; Hadler-SC; Margolis-HS;
Coleman-PJ. Am-J-Epidemiol. 1990 Aug; 132 (2): 220-32.
4. Neurologic involvement in Wolfram syndrome. Said S. Dahbour, MD,
Nadim S. Jarrah, MD, Kamel M. Ajlouni, MD. Neurosciences 1999; Vol.
4 (3): 223-226.
5. Hypokalemic periodic paralysis: Case report and review. Said S.
Dahbour .The Kuwaiti medical journal ; June 2000, 32(2): 174-178
6. Creutzfeldt Jacob disease: CSF protein 14-3-3 in a Saudi woman: Said
Dahbour, H.Ghanmi, Alia Abu Taleb. The Kuwait medical journal;
December 2002: 308-312
7. Nonconvulsive status epilepticus: high incidence in dialysis dependent
patients: Sheikh.Iftikhar, Said Dahbour, Siddiqi Numan. Hemodialysis
international October 2007;11:392-397.
8. Lipid profile in Jordanian patients with first ever ischemic stroke.
Said Dahbour. Neuroscience 2008; 13(4):387-390
8. Mini mental status examination (MMSE) in stable chronic renal
failure patients on hemodialysis: The effects of hemodialysis on
the MMSE score. A prospective study. Said S Dahbour, Ayman
M Wahba, Mohammad Hamdan. Hemodialyisi international 2009;
10. MRI documented acute myelitis in a patient with Vogt-Koyanagi-
Harada syndrome: First report. Said S. Dahbour. Clinical neurology
and neurosurgery.111 (2009) 200-202.
11. Clinical experience with Gullain Barre syndrome over a 6 year
period in one hospital in the Middle East. Said Dahbour. Jordan

medical journal (accepted for publication) January 18th ,2009
Abstracts and presentations:
1. “Intracranial EEG findings and surgical outcome in neocortical epilepsy’’
Said S. Dahbour, MD, Steven Pacia, MD, Orrin Devinsky,
MD.Accepted to AES in July 1995, Baltimore, Maryland
2. Recent advances in stroke: Grand round presented at King Fahad Armed
Forces Hospital, February 1999. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
3. Electroencephalography in an out patient setting
4. Immunemodulation im multiple sclerosis: Grand round presented at King
Fahad Armed Forces Hospital, October 2000. Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
5. Gullaine Barre syndrome: an update. Presented as a platform lecture in
Western region 6th neuroscience conference
6. Acute disseminated encepahalomyelitis: Is it a real entity or another face
\ phase of MS: presented in the 11th Saudi neuroscience sympsium as a
poster March 2002, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
7. Acute extensive myelitis: report of 2 cases and considering the diagnosis
in view of the new publisehed proposed criteria and nosolgy of acute
transverse myelitis: submitted to the 9th panarab neurosciences
conference in Cairo Egypt January 2001
8. Pachymeningitis and encephalomyelitis: case report. 7th Western region
neurscience symposium, Mekka Al Mukarramah, October 20-22, 2003.
9. Neurological manifestation of Behcet disease: King Fahad armed forces
hospital experience over 5 years. 12th Saudi Neuroscience annual
meeting, February 2004 Jeddah , Saudi Arabia
10.Acute quadreparesis : Unusual cause : Neurology update symposium ,
Riyadh Military hospital April 2004
11.Coma clinical approach and case presentation. 2nd symposium , neurology
for non neurologist. King faisal specialsist hospital and research center ,
Jeddah, Saudi Arabia March 30th 2005.

1. American College of Physicians ACP.
2. American Medical Association AMA.
3. American Academy of Neurology ANA.
4. American Association of Electrodiagnostic Medicine AAEM.
5. Jordan Medical Association.

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