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Tayseer Ahmad Al-Tawarah

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1987
  • Age: 34
  • Curriculum vitae :


Curriculum Vitae
Tayseer Ahmad Al-
Tawarah. M.D

Name: Tayseer Ahmad Sabbah AL-Tawarah
Marital Status: Single
Nationality: Jordanian
Date of Birth: 17.october .1986
Home Phone: 00962-03-2164607
Mobile Phone: 00962-77-2384815///00962-796391458
o Education:
High School: 1992-2004 , AL-Shouback secondry school , AL-Shouback-Ma'an -Jordan
Collage : 2004-2010 , school of medicine, University of Jordan, .M.D. with average 3.01out of 4
and rating very good
June 2010 – june 2011: intern at king hussine medical city and Jordan university hospital
Post Graduate Education: 2011-2016, general surgery , Jordan university hospital “higher
degree specialization in general surgery, university of Jordan” with average 3.4 out of 4
rating very good

 1st year :
Gastrointestinal surgery July 2011-sep2011- prof mahmoud abu khalaf
Endocrine surgery : Oct2011-Dec2011 - prof Nidal younes
Plastic surgery : Jan2012-Mar2012- Dr Bareqa salah
Vascular surgery : Apr2012-June 2012 – dr- Mahmoud abu abelh
2nd year
Gastrointestinal surgery: July 2012-Aug 2012 – dr Mohammed AL-Qudah
Surgical intensive care unit : Aug2012-sep2012 – dr Amjad bni-hani
Gastrointestinal surgery : Oct2012-Dec2012 prof mahmoud abu khalaf
Endocrine and diabetic foot surgery : Jan2013-Mar2013 prof Nidal younes
Vascular surgery : Apr2013-June 2013 – Dr- Moath smadi
3rd years
Plastic surgery July 2013-sep2013: Dr Bareqa salah
Emergency department – senior of surgical team – Oct2013-Dec2013
Gastrointestinal surgery : Jan2014-Mar2014: prof mahmoud abu khalaf
Cardiovascular and thoracic surgery : Apr2014-June 2014 dr- Mahmoud
abu abelh
4th year
Oncology surgery July 2014-sep2014—prof Jamal Mas'ad
Cardiovascular surgery Oct2014-Dec2014 : Dr- Moath smadi
Gastrointestinal surgery : Jan2015-Mar2015 prof Mahmoud . abu khalaf

Pediatric surgery Apr2015-June 2015: prof Mohammad Al –omari
5th year
Head and neck surgery : July 2015-sep2015" prof Nader AL – bsoul
Pediatric surgery : Oct2015-Dec2015 : prof Hashem AL-momani
Colorectal and anal surgery: Jan2016-Mar2016: dr Mohammed AL-qudah
Pediatric surgery : Apr2016-June 2016: prof Hashem AL-momani
1- clinical rounds for fourth and sixth medical students and
3-Lecture series for paramedics students
o Language Fluency:
1. Arabic Language, Mother language
2. English Language, Speaking and Writing: Excellent
o Skills:
Excellent Computer & Internet Skills
Fast Typing in Arabic and English Language
Team Leader of Open Days
-1-DrMoath Al-SmadiMD
2- –Hashem Almomani MDMob00962-

Achievements and Awards

  •  Jordanian board in general surgery ” ,September 2016
  •  vascular surgery course 22th,23th of January 2016
  •  American collage of surgery , chapter Jordan first conference , may 2016, participant in the
    surgical jeopardy
  •  Basic life support course

  •  Instructor for fourth year mediacal student in the introductory course for the clinical years
     ClinicalExperience during residency program

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