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Hala Bawadi

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
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Hala Bawadi
Present address
Faculty of Nursing, University of Jordan, Jordan, Amman 11118 P.O. Box 86
Phone work: 009626-5200230 ex. 23193
Mobile 00962-799659401
E-mail Address
PhD Maternity Nursing and Midwifery
De Montfort University. UK
 Thesis title "Childbirth experience of Migrant Arab Muslim Women in the UK”.
MPhil Maternity Nursing and Midwifery
De Montfort University. UK
Higher Diploma in Midwifery
Mutah University / Jordan
Bachelor of Science in Nursing
Jordan University Of Science and Technology
Work Experiences:
Title and Institution
June, 2017
Associate Professor
Dec, 2105- May, 2017
Assistant professor, School of Nursing , University of Jordan
Full time lecturer, School of Nursing , University of Jordan
Sep 2013- Aug 2014
February 2010-Aug 2014
Assistant Dean for training and development, College of nursing, Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan Assistant Professor, College of nursing, Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan
In charge of Antenatal and Birth spacing Clinic. Nizwa poly Clinic. Ministry of Health. OMAN
Staff nurse. Maternity ward. Arab Centre for heart and special surgery. Amman. Jordan
Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals
1. Khader, Y., Bawadi, H., Khasawneh, W., Alyahya,M. (2020) Sociocultural, political, and health system-related determinants of perinatal deaths in Jordan from the perspectives of health care providers: a qualitative study. The Journal of Maternal-Fetal & Neonatal Medicine, DOI: 10.1080/14767058.2020.1800632 2. Bawadi, H., Al-Hamdan Z., Ahmed, M. (2020) Needs of Migrant Arab Muslim Childbearing Women in the United Kingdom. Journal of Transcultural Nursing, DOI: 10.1177/1043659620921219 3. Al-Hamdan ZM, Muhsen A, Alhamdan M, Rayan A, Banyhamdan K, Bawadi H (2020) Emotional intelligence and intent to stay among nurses employed in Jordanian hospitals. Journal of Nursing Management . 28(2):351-358. doi: 10.1111/jonm.12932 4. Bawadi H, Al-Hamdan Z, Nabolsi M, Abu-Moghli F, Zumot A, Walsh A (2019) Jordanian Nursing Student and Instructor Perceptions of the Clinical Learning Environment. International journal of nursing education scholarship 16(1) 1-
5. Z Al-Hamdan, E Smadi, M Ahmad, H Bawadi, AM Mitchell (2019) Relationship Between Control Over Nursing Practice and Job Satisfaction and Quality of Patient Care. Journal of Nursing Care Quality 34 (3), E1-E6 6. Z Al‐Hamdan, I Adnan Al‐Ta'amneh, A Rayan, H Bawadi (2019) The impact of emotional intelligence on conflict management styles used by Jordanian nurse managers. Journal of Nursing Management 27 (3), 560-566
7. Abdelkader, R., Bawadi, H. (2019). Self-Care Behavior Assessment of Fragile School-Age Children: An Application of Orem's Self-Care Framework, Global Journal of Health Science, 11(2), 11-19, doi:10.5539/gjhs.v11n2p11
8. Bawadi, H., Al-Hamdan, Z. (2016). The cultural beliefs of Jordanian women during childbearing: implications for nursing care, International Nursing Review, DOI: 10.1111/inr.12322. ISI
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10. Bawadi, H., Qandil, A., Al-Hamdan, Z., Mahallawi, H. (2016). The role of fathers during pregnancy: A qualitative exploration of Arabic fathers’ beliefs, Midwifery, 32, 75-80. ISI
11. Masa’Deh, R., Bawadi, H., Saifan, A., AbuRuz, M. (2015). Perceived stress of Jordanian parents: A comparative study between mothers and fathers, Journal of Nursing Education and Practice, 5(11), 89-95.
12. Bawadi, H. (2015). Knowledge of Fathers’ Support during Labor: From Arabic Fathers’ Perspective, Health, 7(11), 1545-1551.
13. Al Dasoqi, K., Zeilani, R., Bawadi, H. & Al Dasoqi, A (2015). Perspectives and Attitudes of Jordanian Male College Students on Breast Cancer Screening, Journal of Cancer Education, DOI: 10, 1007/s13187-015-0909-x. ISI
14. Al-Hamdan, Z.M., Bawadi, H.A., Redman, R.W. & Al-Nawafleh, A.H(2015)., Perception of Jordanian Nurses regarding Involvement in Decision-making, Applied Nursing Research, DOI: 10.1016/j.apnr.2015.06.013. ISI
15. Al-Hamdan ZM Al-Nawafleh A, Bawadi H, James V, Matiti M, Hagerty B (2015) Experiencing transformation: the case of Jordanian nurse immigrating to the UK, Journal of Clinical Nursing, 24, 2305–2313. ISI
16. Al-Hamdan Z, Fowler J, Bawadi H, Norrie P, Summers L, Debbie D (2014) Student nurses’ perceptions of a good mentor: a questionnaire survey of student nurses in the UK, USA and Jordan, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 4 (3)
17. Al-Hamdan Z, Bawadi H, Bawadi H, Mrayyan M (2013) Nurse Managers’ Actions (NMAs) Scale to Promote Nurses’ Autonomy: Testing a New Research Instrument, International Journal of Humanities and Social Science, 3(8)2013
18. H. Bawadi, Z. Al-Hamdan, H. Bawadi, O. Ershidat, F. Hammad and L. Agraib,(2012) "Cultural Eating Practices among Jordanians," Food and Nutrition Sciences, 3(6), 2012, pp. 790-795.
Book 1. Shurbaji N, Bawadi H, and others (2018) Middle East and North African Health Informatics Association (MENAHIA): Building Sustainable Collaboration, Yearbook of medical informatics, DOI: 10.1055/s-0038-1641207 
Peer Reviewed Presentations (Oral)
 Bawadi H (2015). Barriers of Breast Cancer Screening from the Perspectives of Jordanian Male College Students. BIT’s 9th Annual World Cancer Congress. 14-16 May, Shangahi, China.
 Al-Hamdan, Z, Bawadi H, Fowler J (2015) Student Nurse’s Perceptions of a ‘Good’ Mentor: A questionnaire survey of student nurses in two cultures. Annual International Conference on Nursing 4-7 May 2015, Athens, Greece.
 Bawadi H (2014). Adaptation of the New Culture. The 8th Scientific day, “Women & Child Health: Safe Life Journey”. Mutah University, Al-Karaq- Jordan.
 Bawadi H (2011). By Grace of the God "Insight into the maternity care experiences of migrant Arab Muslim women living in the UK". 1st Regional Health Sciences and Nursing Conference. Shah Alam, Salangor
 Bawadi, H. Cully, L. And Harris, T(2009). Poster Presentation. "Giving Birth in A New World".10th Annual Interdisciplinary Research Conference: Transforming Healthcare through Research &Education 4th & 5th November 2009 Dublin.
 Bawadi H (2008).Oral presentation."Migrant Arab Muslim Women's Experiences of childbirth in the UK".11th Annual Conference: "Making Midwifery &Women's Health Matter".2nd October Liverpool Women's Hospital, Liverpool.

Professional memberships
 A founding member of the eHealth Development Association of Jordan
 A founding member of family included website
 Active member in Nursing and Midwifery council
 Member in Midwifery Education at JNC
External activities
 Coordinator of Reproductive Health course at University of Jordan (2018)
 A member of the central committee of course the Health Education in collaboration with the Royal Society and the UNFP (2017)
 A member of the Committee for the course Reproductive Health in collaboration with the Royal Society and the UNFP (2016)
 A member of the central committee of course the promotion of health in collaboration with the Royal Society and the UNFP (2015)
 External examiner for master students
 External examiner for internship program for different universities
 Chairperson of research committee at ASU
 Curriculum development and reviewer for Damascus University, Al-Zaytoonah and Nizwa University.
PhD student supervision
 Fidaa Saleem Abu Ali: The experiences of Palestinian adolescent refugees of diabetic retinopathy
 Sahar Mohammed AL Shuqerat: Jordanian mothers’ experiences after stillbirth: an interpretative phenomenological study
 Mohammad Minwer Al-Naeem: The Lived Experience of Palliative Care for Patients with Hematologic Malignancies and their Family Caregivers experiences
Examiner for PhD Student
 Hanan Al Obieat, (2020) Exploring the lived experiences of women suffering from congenital heart disease during pregnancy: A phenomenological study. The University of Jordan
 Malek Al Terefi, (2020) Adolescents’ lived experience of substance use disorder. The University of Jordan
 Ahmad Ayed, (2018) Evaluation of High Fidelity Simulation on Clinical Judgment, Self-Satisfaction, and Self-Confidence Among Nursing Students. The University of Jordan.
 Maysoun Atoum, (2018) Assessing Teachers’, Parents, and Students’ Perspectives in Determining Mental Health Services in Terms of Needs, awareness, and Concerns in Jordanian Governmental Schools. The University of Jordan.
Examiner for Master Student
 Suzan Mohammad, (2020) The effect of intrapartum supportive care on maternal childbirth experience: Jordanian study. Jordan University of Science and Technology
 Alaa Yousef Bsoul, (2017). Mothers Grief Experiences of Perinatal Loss. Jordan University of Science and Technology.
 Eman Mohammad Alzyoud, (2017). Family Experiences of Care Giving to Chronic Illnesses Patients: A Qualitative Study. The University of Jordan.
 Duaa Abed Alfatah Abu Awad. (2017). Prevalence and Factors Associated With the Development of Postpartum Depression Among Syrian Refugee Women Living in Jordan. Jordan University of Science and Technology.
 Tamader Raked Al- Tarawneh. (2017). Postpartum Experience of Jordanian First Time Fathers: An Exploratory Qualitative Study. Mu’tah University
 Jumana Shehadeh. (2016). Prevalence and Association of Premenstrual Syndrome and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder with Academic Performance Among University Students. The University of Jordan
 Naheda Al Sharif. (2015). Factors Associated With Antenatal Behaviors Among Jordanian Women. Jordan University of Science and Technology.
Courses Taught
Graduate-PhD’s Level Taught Courses
 Methods of Qualitative Nursing Research
Graduate-Master's Level Taught Courses
1. Advance Research Methodology
2. Women’s Health
Undergraduate Taught Courses
1. Learning and Research Skills
2. Health culture
3. Maternity and neonatal health –Theory-
4. Maternity and neonatal health-Clinical-
5. Principles of Scientific Research
6. Human growth and development
7. Geriatric
8. Trends and Ethical Issues
9. First Aids
10. Reproductive Health
Training and Workshop:
1. May, 2017. Certified Professional Trainer From International Association for People and Performance Development. United Kingdom
2. June, 2017. Certified International Professional Trainer (CIPT) from Mega Business for Training.
3. December 7-8, 2016. Attended The 2nd international Conference in Palliative Care and The 1st Spiritual Therapy. The University of Jordan, Amman- Jordan
4. October 26, 2016. Attended The 3rd National Erasmus Plus Conference. Amman- Jordan.
5. March 3rd 2016. Attended A training course in the detection of Plagiarism. The University of Jordan.
6. Decmeber,18-22, 2015. Attended Workshop to develop the performance of faculty members, Jordan University
7. September,21-22/2015 Workshop in Training of Trainers for Methodologies for Health Promotion Within the program of Shababna: Youth for Help
8. April 22-23, 2015. Attended The 5th International Nursing Conference. Transforming Quality Nursing Care: Promise and Potential. The Jordanian Nursing Council, Amman- Jordan.
9. February 1, 2015, Attended the Scientific day “Innovations of Evidence Based Practice in Maternal of Child Health Care Nursing” The Hashemite University, Al-Zarqa- Jordan.
10. December, 21, 2014, Workshop on E-Learning in the University of Jordan
11. December, 2013, Workshop on How to prepare Multiple Choice Questions, at Applied Science Private University
12. April 18th, 2013. External auditor in the workshop which was held at Al- Zaytuna University to evaluate the curriculum in the College of Nursing
13. February, 4, 2011 Workshop How supervise postgraduate thesis at the University of Jordan College of Nursing
14. April 19th, 2011. Attended The Scientific Forum for Collage of Nursing. The University of Jordan.
Other training:

2007 Qualitative Methods. De Montfort University (UK)
Introduction To NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis De Montfort University (UK)
Advanced NVivo for Qualitative Data Analysis. De Montfort University (UK)
Computer Training Programs. DMU
Research Training Course DMU
Birth spacing training. MOH. Oman
Antenatal Modules training. Oman
Preceptorship workshop. Oman
Communication skills course. Oman
Bone marrow transplant training .Jordan
BLS, Jordan
IT Certificates
IV and drug calculation course. Jordan
Presentation Skills Package. De Montfort University (UK)
Managing Data Using Excel. De Montfort University (UK)
Create and Manage Large Documents. De Montfort University (UK)
Microsoft Programs Training. De Montfort University (UK)

Achievements and Awards

 Distinguished Researcher at The faculty of Nursing Level for The Academic Year 2012/2013, at Applied Science Private University
 Full Scholarship from the Applied Science University, Amman, Jordan to study Mphil-PhD at De Montfort University, UK.

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