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Shereen Abdel–Majeed Al–Ashhab

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1962
  • Age: 59
  • Curriculum vitae :


Name: Shereen Abdel–Majeed Al–Ashhab
Birth date: October 15, 1962
Birth place: Hebron
Citizenship: Jordanian
Business address: University of Jordan, Faculty of Nursing
Amman –Jordan
Tel: 5355000 / 2491
Home address: Tareq, Tabarboor, Amman – Jordan
Tel: 5061202
Cellular: 079/5561389
Sep/1988-Jan /1992 MSN 1992 University of Jordan
Faculty of Graduate Studies
Amman –Jordan
Jan/1986 –June /1988 Diploma 1988 University of Jordan
Faculty of Education
Amman - Jordan
Sep/1981 –June/1985 BSN 1985 University of Jordan
Faculty of Nursing
Amman –Jordan
Sept/2006 - Present Lecturer, University of
Jordan, Faculty of Nursing
Sep /2002 –June/2006 Clinical instructor/ part
Time, University of Jordan, Faculty of Nursing, Amman Jordan
Jan /1986 - Sep/1995 Teaching & Research
Assistant, University of Jordan, faculty of
Nursing / Amman - Jordan
1. Management and Leadership in Nursing (Clinical)
2. Foundations of Nursing 1 (Theory)
3. Foundations of Nursing 2 (Theory)
4. Child Health Nursing (clinical)
5. Community Health Nursing (clinical)
6. Adult Health Nursing (clinical)
7. Health Assessment lab
1. Second International Middle-East April 27- 28 ,
Conference on the Challenge of 1992 at JUST
Change for Nursing in the 90’s Irbid - Jordan
2. Training course on : Preparing Feb. 10 -11,
Nursing students to practice as 1993 at Univ.
Safe professional practitioners of Jordan
3. Workshop on : Physical Assessment June 12-16/1993
Of Patients. (30 hours).
Univ. of Jordan
Amman Jordan
4. Workshop on: Prevention of exposure May 16-20/1993
To X Rays (30 hours). Ministry
of energy And
Mineral Resources
Amman Jordan
5. 1st International Nursing Conference : Sep.13-14,1993
Bridging the gap Between Research, Univ. of Jordan
Practice, And Theory Amman Jordan
6. Workshop on : nursing Curricula June 9-11,2008
And Methods of Evaluation Univ. of Jordan
Amman Jordan
7. Scientific day entitled : April 7th ,2009
Dissemination of Nursing Research Univ. of Jordan
Findings : A Call for Better Utilization Amman Jordan
8. Workshop on : Item testing Writing Jan 21st ,2010
And Clinical Teaching and Evaluation Univ. of Jordan
Amman Jordan
9. Training course on: Diabetic Training May 3rd,2010
Course for Nurses JMA
Amman Jordan

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