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Enam Khalil

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
  • Curriculum vitae :


Enam Khalil, Prof. Dr.
Family name: Khalil
First names: Enam, Ayoub
Nationality: Jordanian
Address: Faculty of Pharmacy,
The University of Jordan,
Amman 11942 Jordan.
Tel.: 962-6-5355000/23325
Fax: 962-6-5300250
December 1988: PhD,
Manchester University, England.
Doctoral Thesis Title: A Thermodynamic Study of Binary and
Ternary Mixtures of Some Alkanes and
May 1982 : BSc,
Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt.
English and Arabic : Fluent
Employment / Positions Held:
Staff member in the Faculty of Pharmacy, the University of Jordan since
January 1989.
1993-1994: Dean Assistant, Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Jordan.
1995-1998: Vice Dean, Faculty of Pharmacy, The University of Jordan.
Main Teaching experience:
For Ph.D Students:
• Physicochemical Properties As a Tool in Drug Research.
For Master Students:
• Advanced Physical Pharmacy.
• Drug Delivery Systems.
For Undergraduate Students:
• Physical Pharmacy in two theoretical courses and one practical course.
• Selected Topics in Physical Pharmacy, final year , elective course .
• Pharmaceutical Technology, final year , elective course .
• Radiopharmacy, final year, elective course.

In Addition to the Supervision/ Cosupervision of the Following graduate
1. Penetration And Distribution Of GNPs Into Excised Human And Animal
Skin: Optimization Of Particles Size, Shape, And Surface Chemistry Toward
Hair Follicles Targeting. 2015.
2. A prodrug approach to enhance azelaic acid percutaneous absorption. 2014.
3. Dakin’s Solution Use for infected Diabetic Foot Ulcers: A Randomized
Controlled Trial. 2014.
4. The effect of Iberin against Pseudomonas aeruginosa biofilms in cystic
artificial sputum medium and on ex vivo skin explant model. 2014.
5. Quantification and mechanism elucidation of emu oil as a penetration enhancer
in transdermal drug delivery systems. 2014
6. Preparation and characterization of microemulsion based formula of
phenothiazenium salt photosensitizer for PACT treatment of acne.2012
7. Physicochemical Characterization of Emulgels contain Simulgel 600,
Montanov 68 and Cosolvent for Topical Application, 2011
8. Studying the effect of visible light-activation of photosensitizer – Pluronic gel
based topical formula against staphylococcus aureus culture, 2010.
9. Intranasal drug delivery system for Insulin, 2003.
10. Development of controlled drug delivery system of
antimicrobials for the local treatment of periodontal disease, 2003.
11. Studies on the microbiology of oil-in-water microemulsions, 2003.
12. Ionic surfactants microemulsions: Prediction of their formation and
stability using in vaccu molecular modeling and data mining, 2002.
13. Glyceryl monooleate based liquid crystalline phases for the
transdermal Delivery of diclofenac salts : Formulation design and
Evaluation, 2001.
14. Prediction of microemulsion existence area in the ternary diagram:
Application of molecular modeling and data mining, 2001.
15. Development of novel oral dosage forms using cubic liquid crystal
delivery system, 2000.
16. The effect of mixing time and other variables on tablets and
capsules properties some products containing magnesium stearate, 1999.
Main Academic and Scientific Activities

Committee/ Societies:
• Member in the Jordan Pharmaceutical Association.
• Member in the Jordanian National Committees of SESAME (Synchrotronlight
for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East).
• Regular reviewer for "International Journal of Pharmaceutics"
• Regular reviewer for "Pharmaceutical Research" Journal.
• Occasional reviewer for Pharmaceutical Journals published in Jordan and
• Evaluation for articles submitted for promotion or financial support from
Jordan, Palestine and Saudi Arabia.
Main Conferences/ Workshops:
First Swedish Jordanian Workshop on Science and Research
25-29 Jan 2015. Hashemite University, Zarka, Jordan. Lecturer
"Skin and Formulation 4th Symposium" June 4-5, 2012, Lyon – France.
Poster Presentation (The Tendency of Ibuprofen (IB) Toward Crystal Growth In
Eudragit RL/IB and Eudragit RS/IB Films).
The 3rd Kuwait International Pharmacy Conference, Kuwait, 14-16 February 2011.
Poster presentation (Development of controlled drug delivery system of
antimicrobials for the local treatment of periodontal disease).
The 11th Eurasia Conference on Chemical Sciences, the Dead Sea, Jordan, 6-10
October 2010. Poster Presentation (Effect of the ionic surfactants at the maximum
solubilization capacity and conductivity of microemulsions containing nonionic
Controlled Release Society (CRS) 37th Annual Meeting, July 10-14, 2010, Oregon,
U.S.A. Poster Presentation (Intranasal Drug Delivery Systems : Nasal Absorption of
Insulin in Rabbits using Pluronic F127 as a carrier).
The 6th Jordanian Synchrotron Users Scientific Workshop. Amman- Jordan. 6th of
May 2010. Oral Presentation.
The 2nd KHIBC MENA Cancer Research Conference, 2-3 October 2009.Amman,
Jordan. Oral Presentation (Synchrotron microbeam radiation therapy combined with
the chemo-agent JAI-51 improve brain tumor treatment).
HSC10: Synchrotron Radiation techniques contribution to nanoscience, 18-22
May 2009. Grenoble, France.
The 19th ESRF Users’ Meeting & Associated Workshops, 2-5 February 2009.
Grenoble, France.
6th SESAME Users’ Meeting, 17-19 November .2007. Amman, Jordan.
The 9th International Conference on Biology and Synchrotron Radiation, 13-17
August 2007. Manchester, UK.
5th SESAME Users Meeting, 27-29 November 2006, Alexandria & Workshop on
“Synchrotron Applications in Molecular Crystallography” , 30 November -2
December 2006, Cairo, Egypt.
5th World Meeting on Pharmaceutics, Biopharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical
Technology, 27 -30 March 2006 Geneva , Switzerland. Poster Presentation,
(Transport Properties of Glucose in the Epidermis and Dermis)
Al-Azhar 4th International Conference for Pharmaceutical and Biological
Sciences, 13-15 February 2006. Cairo, Egypt. Oral Presentation.
The Third International Conference of the Royal Medicinal Services. Held in
collaboration with the Royal College of Physicians of London, 5-8 April 2006.
Amman , Jordan. Oral presentation.
Al-Azhar 3rd International Conference for Pharmaceutical and Biological
Sciences, 16-18 December 2003. Cairo, Egypt. Oral Presentation.
"Clinical Research Skills Workshop for Investigators". Supervised by Pfizer and
the Jordanian Ministry of Health, 15-16 May 2002. Amman , Jordan.
Third Symposium on Modern Detergents and Soap Techniques, 3rd SMDST, 7-10
July 2001. Amman , Jordan. Oral Presentation.
Workshop organized by “The Arab Atomic Energy Agency” and concerned about the
development of methods for teaching nuclear sciences and related technology during the
first University degree.
Cairo-Egypt, 24-28 January 1999.
The Second Annual Meeting of The Association of Colleges of Pharmacy in The
Arab World, 16-18 October 1998. Beirut, Lebanon. Oral Presentation.
" Preparation and Application of Radio-labeled Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals".
Workshop organized by the Arab Atomic Energy Agency, 13-25 December 1997.
Cairo, Egypt.
"Regional Consultation on Revising the Under-Graduate Pharmacy Curricula"
Workshop organized by the WHO, EMRO, 24-27 June 1997. Beirut, Lebanon.
The 15th Pharmaceutical Technology Conference, 19-21 March 1996. Oxford,
U.K. Poster Presentation.
In addition to the participation and the professional attendance to most of
the locally held related meetings and workshops.
1. Physicochemical Characterization of Emulgel Formulated With Sepineo P 600,
Sepineo SE 68 and Cosolvent Mixtures. Enam A. Khalil, Samia A. Majid, Ghadeer
A. R.Y. Suaifan, Faisal T. Al-Akayleh, Al-Sayed A. Sallam. Pharmaceutical
Development and Technology. Accepted, 2015.
2. Antiproliferative Activity of Selected Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Agents:
Role of Iron Complexes. Rana Abu-Dahab, Enam Khalil, Ayman Khdair, Dina El-
Sabawi, Imad Hamdan1. Jordan Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences, 7, 49-66, 2014.
3. Characterization of the 9L gliosarcoma implanted in the Fischer rat:
an orthotopic model for a grade IV brain tumor. Bouchet Audrey, Bidart Marie,
Miladi Imen, Le Clec’h Céline, Serduc Raphaël, Coutton Charles, Regnard Pierrick,
Khalil Enam, Dufort Sandrine, Lemasson Benjamin, Laissue Jean, Pelletier Laurent,
Le Duc Géraldine. Tumor Biology, 16 March 2014. [Epub ahead of print].
4. Effect of Ethylcellulose and Propylene Glycol on the controlled- release performance of
Glyceryl monooleate – Mertronidazole periodontal gel. Al-Sayed Sallam, Firas Faleh
Hamudi, Enam Ayoub Khalil. Pharmaceutical Development and Technology, early on line
1-10, 2013.
5. Studies on the kinetics of killing and the proposed mechanism of action of
microemulsions against fungi. Ibrahim S.I. Al-Adham, Hana Ashour, Elham Al-
Kaissi, Enam Khalil, Martin Kierans, Phillip J. Collier. International Journal of
Pharmaceutics. 454, 226– 232, 2013.
6. Chalcone JAI-51 improves efficacy of synchrotron microbeam radiation therapy of
brain tumors. Audrey Bouchet, Ahcene Boumendjel, Enam Khalil, Raphael
Serduc, Elke Brauer, Erik Albert Siegbahn, Jean Albert Laissue and Jean Boutonnat.
J. Synchrotron Rad. 19, 478-482, 2012
7. Formulation and Characterization of IPM/Water/Nonionic-Ionic Surfactant
Microemulsions. Enam Khalil, Shorouq T. Al-Sotari and Mutasem Taha. Journal of
Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, 6, 187-198, 2012
8. The Antimicrobial Activity of Oil-Water Microemulsions is Predicted by their
position the Microemulsion Stability Zone. Al-Adham, I.S.I., Al-Nawajeh, A.S.M,
Khalil, E. Collier, P.J. The international Arabic Journal of Antimicrobial Agents,
2(2), 1-8, 2012.
9. Towards an Image-Guided Microbeam Radiation Therapy Using Gadolinium-
Based Nanoparticles. Ge´ raldine Le Duc, Imen Miladi, Christophe Alric, Pierre
Mowat, Elke Bra¨ uer-Krisch, Audrey Bouchet, Enam Khalil, Claire Billotey, Marc
Janier, Franc-ois Lux, Thierry Epicier, Pascal Perriat, Ste´phane Roux, and Olivier
Tillement. ACS Nano, 5 (12) 9566–9574, 2011.
10. Preferential effect of synchrotron microbeam radiation therapy on
intracerebral 9L gliosarcoma vascular networks. A. Bouchet, B. Lemasson, G. Le Duc,
C. Maisin, E. Bräuer-Krisch, E. A. Siegbahn, Luc Renaud, E. Khalil, C. Rémy, C.
Poillot, A. Bravin, J. A. Laissue, E. L. Barbier, R. Serduc. International Journal of
Radiation Oncology Biology. Physics. 78,1503-1512, 2010.
11. Evaluation of the wound healing effect of some Jordanian traditional
medicinal plants formulated in Pluronic F127 using mice ( Mus musculus). Enam
Khalil, Fatma U. Afifi and Maysa Al-Hussaini. Journal of Ethnopharmacology.
109, 104-112, 2007.
12. Release characteristics of diclofenac diethylamine from emulgels containing
Pluronic F127. Enam Khalil, U.F. Schaefer and A. Sallam. Journal of Drug Delivery
Science and Technology. 16(5)381-387, 2006.
13. Glucose partition coefficient and diffusivity in the lower skin layers. Enam
Khalil, Kosmas Kretsos and Gerald Kasting. Pharmaceutical Research. 23, 1227-
1234, 2006.
14. Studies on the in vivo hypoglycemic activities of two medicinal plants used in
the treatment of diabetes in Jordanian traditional medicine following intranasal
administration. F.U. Afifi, B. Al-Khalidi and E. Khalil. Journal of
Ethnopharmacology. 100, 314-318, 2005.
15. QSPR modeling of pseudoternary microemulsins formulated employing
lecithin surfactants: Application of data mining, molecular and statistical
modeling. Mutasem O. Taha, Hiba Abdel-Halim, Mutasim Al-Ghazawi and Enam
Khalil. International Journal of Pharmaceutics. 295, 135-155, 2003.
16. Characterization of two diclofenac diethylamine emulgels by their in vitro
release and their interaction with human skin. A.Sallam, Enam Khalil,
and Ulrich F. Schaefer. STP Pharma Sciences. 13, 405-413, 2003.
17. Microemulsions are highly effective anti-biofilm agents. I.S.I.Al Adham,
N.D. Al-hmoud, E.Khalil, M. Kierans and P.J. Collier. Letters in Applied
Microbiology. 36, 1-4, 2003.
18. Formulation of an oral dosage form utilizing the properties of cubic liquid
crystalline phases of glyceryl monooleate. Sayed Sallam, Enam Khalil,
Hussain Ibrahim , Ibtisam Freij. European Journal of Pharmaceutics and
Biopharmaceutics. 53, 343-352, 2002.
19. Development of quantitative structure-property relationship model for
pseudoternary microemulsion formulated with nonionic surfactants and
cosurfactants: application of data mining and molecular modeling.
Mutasem O. Taha, Mutasim Al-Ghasawi, Hend Abu-Amara, Enam Khalil.
European Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences. 15, 461-478, 2002.
20. Aqueous solubility of diclofenac diethylamine in the presence of
pharmaceutical additives: A comparative study with diclofenac sodium.
Enam Khalil, S. Najjar and A. Sallam. Drug Development and Industrial
Pharmacy. 26, 375-381, 2000.
21. Content uniformity and dissolution characteristics of prednisolone Avicel
PH200 interactive powder mixture: A comparative study with Emcompress and
lactose granules. Enam Khalil and A. Sallam. STP Pharma Sciences. 10, 149-
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22. Microemulsions are membrane-active antimicrobial, self preserved systems.
Ibrahim S.I Al-Adham, Enam Khalil, Nisreen D. Al-Hmoud, Martin Kierans, and
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23. Interaction of two diclofenac acid salts with copolymers of
ammoniomethacrylate: Effect of additives and release profiles. Enam Khalil and
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24. A model drug release from different solubilized systems. Enam Khalil.
Alexandria Journal of Pharmaceutics. 13, 5-9, 1999.
25. Effect of isoorientin isolated from Arum palaestinum on uterine smooth muscle
rats and guinea pigs. F.U. Afifi, Enam Khalil, S. Abdalla. Journal of
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26. Evaluation of fast disintigrants in Terfenadine tablets containing a gas-evolving
disintigrants. E.Sallam; H.Ibrahim; R. Abu-Dahab; M. Shubair; E. Khalil. Drug
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27. Effect of the aqueous extract of Laurus nobilis seeds on ethanol-induced
gastric ulcer in rats. F.U.Afifi, S.O.Tamimi, Enam Khalil and A.Disi. Alexandria
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28. Evaluation of the gastroprotective effect of Laurus nobilis seeds on ethanol
induced gastric ulcer in rats. U. Afifi, Enam Khalil, S.O.Tamimi, and A. Disi.
Journal of Ethnopharmacology. 58, 9-14, 1997.
Last updated: Feb.2015

Achievements and Awards

FTIR- Beam time user times July & August 2015. BESSY II Synchrotron, Berlin,
FTIR- Beam time user time August 2014. MAX Lab Synchrotron, Lund, Sweden.
Sabbatical leave, 2008-2009. The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility,
(ESRF), Grenoble, France.
Sabbatical leave, 2004-2005. The University of Cincinnati, Ohio, USA.
Tempus sponsored research visit to Saarland University-Germany, January 2005.
DAAD sponsored research visit to Saarland University-Germany, July 2000.
Self-sponsored research visit to Saarland University-Germany, August 1999.


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