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Mahmoud Ismail Jaghoub

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1968
  • Age: 53
  • Curriculum vitae :


1. Personal Details
Name: Mahmoud Ismail Jaghoub.
Date of Birth: 2/4/68
Nationality: Jordanian.
Marital Status: Married.
Address: Physics Department,
University of Jordan,
P. C. 11942
E-mail: ,
2. Languages
Language Speaking Writing Conversation
Arabic (My native Language)
English (All my post secondary education was done in England.)

3. Academic Qualifications
Theoretical Nuclear Physics
Title of thesis: “Final state
interaction effects in nearthreshold
Scholarship given jointly by: the
Overseas Research Council
(ORS), British Council and the
University of London.
University of London
(University College)
(United Kingdom)
Graduated with First Class
University of London
(University College)
(United Kingdom)
Mathematics (Grade A),
Chemistry (Grade A) and
Biology (Grade B).
Filton Technical
College (Bristol,
United Kingdom)
Physics (Grade B). This course
was done over one year instead of
the usual two years period. Plus
“English as a Foreign Language”
Central London
(United Kingdom)
4. Academic Experience
Rank University Duration Country
University of Jordan
23/7/2012 - Present
Associate Professor
University of Jordan
27 / 9 /2009 – 22/7/2012
Associate Professor
Hashemite University
1/9/08 – 5/9/2009
Associate Professor
Sohar College for Applied Sciences.
29/8/04 - 31/8/08
Associate Professor
Hashemite University
1/9/2003 – 28/8/04
Assistant professor
Hashemite University
7/9/1996 – 31/8/2003
Teaching assistant
University of London (University College)
1992 -1995
5. Work Experience
Position University Duration Country
Vice Dean of the Faculty of Science
University of Jordan
8/9/2013 – 7/9/2014
Chairman of the Department of Physics
University of Jordan
6/12/2009 – 7/9/2013

7. Taught Courses
A. PhD Level
1. Nuclear physics
2. Quantum Physics
B. Master Level:
1. Applied quantum mechanics.
2. Nuclear Physics
3. Advanced Classical Mechanics
C. B.Sc. Level:
1. Nuclear physics,
2. Alternative energy resources,
3. Quantum mechanics 1 & 2,
4. Classical mechanics,
5. Mathematical physics 1 & 2,
6. Electricity and magnetism,
7. Optics,
8. General physics 1 & 2,
9. General physics for medical and dentistry students
10. Experimental physics 1 & 2.
8. Supervising PhD Students
A. Single Supervisor
1. Tqwa Aqel, “Nonlocal optical potential for light nuclei”, February/2018 – present.
2. Shayma Masadeh, “Effect of a semi-microscopic optical potential on the variations of the optical potential parameters with incident energy”, February/2017 – present.
3. Sokainah Al-Rawashdeh “Deforming the spherical optical potential to fit the neutron scattering angular distributions from the statically deformed actinides nuclei”.
Graduated: May / 2018.
4. Waleed Al-Rayashi
Project Title “Effect of coupled channels on the energy dependence of the optical potential parameters”.
Graduated: December / 2015.
5. Loay Megdady
Project Title: “Proton - nucleus scattering using more realistic coulomb potentials”.
Graduated: December / 2015.
6. Mohamed Amro,
Project Title: “Neutron scattering from light nuceli in the frame work of a velocity - dependent potential”.
Graduated: July / 2016.
7. Ibrahim Ghabar
Project Title: “Investigation of nonlocalities in the nucleon-nucleus elastic scattering process”.
Graduated: July / 2014.
8. Rami Zureikat
Project Title: “Nonlocalities in the proton – nucleus elastic scattering process”.
Graduated: May / 2013.
9. Mohamed Fathi
Project title: “Neutron – nucleus scattering using a velocity-dependent optical potential”.
Graduated: April / 2012.
10. Mohamed Al-sayyed.
Project Title: “Perturbation theory for proton-neutron scattering: Perturbing the energy”.
Graduated: March / 2011.
B. Associate Supervisor
1. Mohammed Shuker
Project title: “Solving multi-group neutron diffusion equation in different geometries using the homotopy perturbation method”.
Graduated: July / 2013.
2. Mohammed Bkoor
Project title: “Technical nuclear safety study of subcritical assembly at Jordan University of Science and Technology using Montecarlo techniques and probabilistic risk analysis”.
Graduated: July / 2013.
Supervising M.Sc. Students (Single Supervisor)
1. Sara Ali, “Importance of deforming the imaginary part of the optical potential in fitting the nucleon – nucleus elastic angular distributions within the framework of the coupled channels formalism”.
Graduated: May / 2018.
2. Sondos Hijawi, “Effect of open reaction channels on the energy variation of the optical potential parameters for nucleon – nucleus and deuteron - nucleus scattering processes”.
Graduated: December / 2017.
3. Alaa Al-Tamimi, “Studying the importance of channel coupling and compound nucleus reactions in the elastic scattering process by fitting low energy neutron – nucleus elastic angular distributions”.
Graduated: December / 2017.
4. Areej Al-Absi
Project Title: “Effect of spin – orbit term on the stability of the optical potential parameters ”.
Graduated: September / 2016.
5. Waffa Abu Al-Nadi.
Project Title: “Scattering state perturbation theory using realistic velocity-dependent potentials”.
Graduated: December / 2010.
6. Lina Halholi
Project Title: “Bound state perturbation theory using realistic velocity-dependent potentials”.
Graduated: December / 2010.
7. Amal Al-Wahesh
Project Title: “Perturbation theory in the framework of the probability density equation”.
Graduated: May / 2003.
Supervising Postdoctoral Programs
Dr. Rami Zureikat: Postdoctoral program. He worked on “
Effect of the dynamic polarization potential on the optical potential
parameters” under my supervision. September/2015 – August/2016.
9. Publications (* means a PhD student)
1. M. I. Jaghoub, A. E. Lovell and F. M. Nunes, “Exploration of the energy dependence of proton non-local optical potentials” Physical Review C 98, 024609 (2018).
2. S.M. Al-Rawashdeh* and M.I. Jaghoub “An optical potential for the statically deformed actinide nuclei derived from a global spherical potential”, European Physical Journal A 54: 62 (2018).
3. W. S. Al-Rayashi* and M. I. Jaghoub, “Effect of coupled channels on the energy dependence of phenomenological optical potential parameters”, Physical Review C 93, 064311, (2016).
4. I. N. Ghabar* and M. I. Jaghoub, “Velocity-dependent optical potential for neutron elastic scattering from 1 p - shell nuclei”, Physical Review C 91, 064308, (2015).
5. R. A. Zureikat*, M. I. Jaghoub, “Surface and volume term nonlocalities in the proton - nucleus elastic scattering process”, Nuclear Physics A 916, 183, (2013).
6. M. I. Jaghoub, “Surface term optical model nonlocality in the NA elastic scattering process”, Physical Review C 85, 024606 (2012).
7. M. I. Jaghoub, G. R. Rawitscher, “Evidence of nonlocality due to a gradient term in the optical model”. Nuclear Physics A 877, 59 (2012).
8. M. I. Jaghoub, M. F. Hassan* and G. R. Rawitscher, “Novel source of nonlocality in the optical potential”, Physical Review C 84, 034618, (2011).
9. M. Al-Sayyed*, M. I. Jaghoub, “Perturbation theory for proton-neutron scattering: Perturbing the energy”. The International Journal of Theoretical Physics, 50: 3357-3367, (2011).
10. M. I. Jaghoub, "Perturbation theory for isotropic velocity-dependent
potentials: Scattering case". Physical Review A 74, 032702, (2006).
11. M. I. Jaghoub, " Effect of ordering ambiguity in constructing the Schrodinger
equation on perturbation theory", European Physical Journal A 28, 253-
257, (2006).
12. M. I. Jaghoub, "Perturbation theory for isotropic velocity-dependent
potentials: Bound states case", the European Physical Journal A 27, 99-
103, (2006).
13. A. H. Nayfeh, W. Faidi, M. I. Jaghoub, “The role of anisotropy in the
thermoelectric detection of cylindrical holes in metals”. European Physical
Journal – Applied Physics 22, 103-109, (2003).
14. M. I. Jaghoub, “Perturbation theory for velocity-dependent potentials”.
European Physical Journal A 15, 443-448, (2002).
15. A. B. Hallak, W. Salah, J. Al-Jundi and M. I. Jaghoub. “L-subshell ionization
of Lutetium by 4 2+ He ion”. X-ray Spectroscopy 31, 391-394, (2002).
16. A. H. Nayfeh and M. I. Jaghoub “Thermoelectrically induced magnetic fields
in laminated composite materials”. European Physical Journal – Applied
Physics 18, 79-87, (2002).
17. M. I. Jaghoub, “Bound and scattering wave functions for a velocitydependent
Kisslinger potential for 0  l ”. European Physical Journal A 13,
349-354, (2002).
18. M. Al Jaghoub, “s-wave bound and scattering state wave functions for a
velocity-dependent Kisslinger potential”. European Physical Journal A 11,
175-183, (2001).
19. R. Wurzinger, R. Siebert, J. Bisplinghoff, M.-A. Duval, J. Ernst, R. Frascaria,
F. Hinterberger, M. Al Jaghoub, R. Jahn, R. Joosten, A. Kozela, C. Lippert,
T. von Oepen, F. Plouin, F. Roudot, W. Spang, E. Warde and C. Wilkin.
“Near-Threshold production of  mesons in the pd He 3 → reaction”,
Physical Review C 51, 443-446, (1995).
10. Contributions to the community
Consultant for teaching physics at Queen Rania Training Academy (QRTA).
I designed a course to train school teachers on modern and effective ways in
teaching physics to final and pre-final secondary grade students. The course
consisted of two main parts: the first is a face-to-face followed by a second
online part. Every year QRTA runs the course for tens of teachers throughout
the country. I used Flash MX to design the animations of physical systems.
The actively involves the participating teachers in suggesting and improving
the teaching methodologies. This was achieved by involving the teachers in face-to-face and online discussion groups.
11. Computer Skills
I am quite familiar with the following software and programs:
1) Running nuclear computation software on Linux systems. Such programs include: FRESCO, EMPIRE, TALYS etc.
2) Webpage design using: FrontPage, Macromedia Flash Mx. For scientific animations and writing HTML code. I have designed online e-learning courses for B.Sc. students which I run under the BlackBoard management system.
3) Windows, Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Latex, etc.
4) Mathematica, Fortran.
5) WebCT and BlackBoard for managing online scientific courses.
6) Unix Operating System. I attended courses on (i) Introduction to Unix and (ii) Unix Administration.
12. Committees
1. Member of the Basic Sciences Committee / Science Research Fund /Ministry of Higher Education, Jordan
2. Member of the foreign certificates approval committee / Ministry of Higher Education, Jordan.
3. Physics Consultant for Queen Rania Training Academy (QRTA).
4. Head of the following committees at the Faculty of Science / University of Jordan: Scientific research committee, Higher studies committee, Promotion and appointment committee, Study plans committee.
5. Head of the following committees at the Physics Department / University of Jordan: Higher studies committee, scientific research committee, the examinations and timetables committee.
6. Member of the faculty of Science council as Head of Physics Department, University of Jordan.
7. The head of the committee for updating the physics study plans at the B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD levels / University of Jordan..
8. Academic advisor for PhD, M.Sc. and B.Sc. levels.
9. The scientific research committee at the faculty of science level / Hashemite University.
10. Representative of the physics department in the Faculty of Science Council / Hashemite University.
11. The committee responsible for equipping the physics teaching laboratories / Hashemite University.
12. I represented the faculty of science for five years in the “Center for Training and Developing the Skills of Teaching Staff.”, Hashemite University.
13. I headed the faculty of science committee for the teaching evaluation of members of staff for 5 years, Hashemite University.
14. I headed the social committee for several years.
15. The committee responsible for the Physics Department web page on the internet.
13. Conferences and Meetings
1. Visiting Professor at the theoretical physics group / National Superconducting Cyclotron Laboratory (NSCL) at Michigan State University, summer 2017.
2. Nuclear Security Workshop for Scientists, Technicians and Engineers, Marrakesh,22-24/ January/2018.
3. IAEA meeting on International Nuclear Management Academy in Trieste – Italy 28 – 31 July 2015.
4. Partnership for Nuclear Security (PNS), Curriculum Development Workshop: Sharing and Applying Best Practices, December 15-19, 2013, Abu Dhabi, UAE.
5. Civil-Nuclear Sector Human Capacity Development in the Middle East, May 15-16, 2012, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.
6. Oral talk at the APS (American Physical Society) April meeting 31 March – 3 April, 2012, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
7. Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Nuclear Security Education Curriculum Development Workshop, Rabat, Morocco 27 February – 2 March, 2012.
8. Division of Nuclear Physics Meeting, Michigan State University, October 2011. (The talk was given on my behalf by Prof. G. H. Rawitscher)
9. Oral talk at the APS (American Physical Society) 13 – 17 Feb. 2010, Washington DC, United States.
10. Symposium on the Technology of Peaceful Nuclear Energy, Yarmok University, 2008, Jordan.
11. Workshop on “Building Internet-Based Multimedia Applications For Training and Education” arranged jointly by the UNESCO and the European Community, 2004, Hashemite University.
12. The “Synchetrone use and applications” conference held at the Applied Sciences University, 2003, Jordan.
14. Memberships, Refereeing, and Talks
1. Several TV interviews on national and regional channels on Nuclear power nuclear reactors in Jordan.
2. Member of the American Physical Society.
3. Refereeing physics papers for international journals.
4. External / internal examiner for many M.Sc. and PhD students.
5. Member of the Jordan Environmental Society.
6. Head of the scientific committee associated with the Jordan Environmental Society.
7. Public Talk on: "Peaceful applications of nuclear physics – generation of electricity using nuclear reactors".
8. Public Talk on: "Is nuclear fusion a clean source of energy?"
9. Public Talk on: "Applications of physics in our daily life".

Achievements and Awards

I got a full scholarship to do my PhD in nuclear physics which was awarded jointly by:
1. The Overseas Research Council (ORS).
2. The University of London.
3. The British Council.

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