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Roshdi Khalil

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1952
  • Age: 69
  • Curriculum vitae :


Personal Data

Name: Roshdi Khalil

Date of Birth: 20/10/1952

Present Post: Full Professor

Present Address: University of Jordan.

Field: Mathematics: Functional Analysis, Operator Theory, and Approximation Theory.
 Tel. 0777496378

Degrees Held

1) Ph.d McGill University 1978

          2) M.Sc.McGill University 1976

3) B.Sc.Kuwait University 1973

Posts Held
1) Full Professor, University of Jordan/1998-
2) Dean of scientific research. Princes Sommaya Univ. 2003(sabbatical year) 

2) Full Professor, Jordan University for science and technology, 1997-1998

3) Full Professor, Woman univ.for women, 1996-1997

4) Full Professor, Bahrain University, 1991-1996

5) Full Professor, Kuwait University, 1988-1990

6) Associate Prof., Kuwait University, 1983-1988

7) Assistant Prof., Kuwait University, 1979-1983

8) Lecturer, McGill University, 1977-1979

Thesis Supervised

1) Toeplits Operators in Banach Spaces. M.SC, 1981

2) Schur Multipliers and absolutely summing operators.Ms.c, 1982

3) A Class of operator ideals. M.Sc 1988

4) Nuclear operators on metric spaces. M.Sc, 1988

5) Stability of operator ideals.M.Sc, 1996

6) Dominated sets in some operator ideal, Ms.c 1996.

7) Orthogonality in Banach spaces, Ms.c 1996.

8)Best Approximation in Vector Valued Function Spaces.Ms.c 2000

9) Extreme points in vector valued function spaces.Ms.c/2001

10) Semi-Groups of operators. Ph.D 2001.
11) Operator ideals in Banach spaces.Ms.c/2002.
12) Geometry Of function and operator spaces. Ph.D/2002.
13. Smooth Points in Operator and function spaces.Msc. 2003
13) Minimal Projections in Banach spaces. Msc. 2005.
14) Best Sim. Approx. in Operator and function spaces. Ph.d 2006
15) New type of orthogonality in Banach spaces. Msc. 2005
16) Remotal sets in vector valued functions. Msc. 2005.
17) Tensor product semigroups. Msc/2008
18) Isometries of certain operator spaces(2009)
19) Extreme points of tensor product of Banach spaces. Msc.(2010)
20) Isometries of tensor product spaces. Msc.2010

1) The 84th summer meeting of the American Math.Soc.Ann arbor-Mich.univ.U.S.A.Aug.18-22, 1980.
2) The second Arab math.soc.conf.Amman, Jordan, May 3-8,1981.

3) The 86th summer meeting of the Amer.math.soc.Toronto-

. Univ. Canada.Aug.22-27, 1982

4) Sabbatical year, univ.of Mich. Ann Arbor, U.S.A.1985-1986.

5) American Math.Soc.summer conference, Providence, Rhodeiland, U.S.A.1988.

6) Summer conf.of A.M.S. Minnesota, 1994.

7) Summer Conference of AMS, Toronto, Canada/2000.

8)American univ.math.conference.Sharja-uae.2001
9) University of Sharjah math day. UAE.2003.
10) Al-Ain University, UAE, 2004.

Courses Tought
1) Undergraduate:
1) Calculus I, II, III.                    9) Real Analysis I
                                                    10)Real Analysis II                                     
2) Linear Algebra                       11) Complex Analysis
3) Set Theory                              12) Advanced Linear Algebra.
4) Differential Equations.           13) Functions of Several Variables 
5) Linear Programming               14) Functional Analysis 
6) Optimization Theory 
7) Discrete math. 
8)Advanced cal.

2) Graduate Courses

1) Harmonic Analysis                      6) Complex analysis

2) Measure Theory                           7) Functional analysis

3) Advanced Functional Analysis    8) Fourier analysis

4) Theory of Operator Ideals             9). Topics in Functional analysis

5) Theory of Tensor Products in Banach Spaces.

Student Graduation Projects:
1) Vector valued continuous functions    6) Tensor product operators in Hilbert spaces 
2) Extreme points of                              7) the space L-p, 0<p<1
3) Dual of C(I).                                      8)The Banach fixed point theorem
4) Extreme points of   Lp                      9) The Hahn Banach theorem
5) Extreme points of C[0,1].

      Professor Roshdi Khalil

                                       Ph.D.McGill University 1978
                                 M.Sc.McGill University 1976
            B.Sc. Kuwait University 1973
Referee For: -
 1) Journal of Approximation Theory
 2) Journal of mathematical analysis and application
3) Rocky Mountain J. of Mathematics
4. Medeterian Journal of mathematics
 3) Many journals in the Arab world

Reviewer: Z. Math. And Math. Review
Total research Papers/104
 in different areas of mathematics
Approximation Theory in Banach Spaces

1-Best approximation in  -spaces. Proc. Cambridge Phil. Soc. 94(1983)277-279.
2-Best approximation in vector valued function spaces.   Rev. colom. de math. X(1985)313-22.
3-Best approximation in tensor product spaces, Numerical functional analysis and optimization,
4-Chebeshev sets and strictly convex metric spaces, 
Tam J . math. 17(1986)9-12.
5-Best approximation in L1-spaces, Journal of Numeric. Func. Analy. and   Optimization. 9 (1987)1031-1037
6-Best approximation in metric spaces. Proceeding Amer. Math. Soc., 103(1988)579-586.
7-Best approximation in L(X,Y). Proc. Camb. Phil. soc., 104 (1988)527-531.
8-Best approximation in Lp(X,Y) II. Journal of approximation Theory, 59 (1988)269-299 (with Deeb, W.).
9-Best approximation in Lp(I,X),0<p<1. Journal of approximation Theory, 58(1989)  68-77 (with Deeb, W.).
10-Vector valued Chebechev systems. Rev. de. colom. XXIII (1989)25-33 (with lzamil, A.).
11-Best approx. in function and operator spaces. Num. functional analysis and  Optimization.11(1991) 917-927.
12-Best approximation in tensor product spaces Soochow J. of   math.18(1992)397- 407(with Hussein, D.).
13-Alternation theorem for C(I,X) and application to best local approximation. Tam. J. math. 24(1993)135-147 (with Alzamil, A.).
14-Alternation theorem for C(I,X) and application to best local approximation. Tam. J. math. 24(1993)135-147 (with Alzamil, A.).
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19-Best simultanious approximation in Banach spaces. Journal of approximation. Theoery, 116(2002)369-379 (with Saidi, F.).
20-Best simultanious approximation in Banach spaces. Journal of approximation. Theoery, 116(2002)369-79 (with Saidi, F.).
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26-New class of proximinal subspaces in function spaces. International journal of pure and applied math. 8(2003)     131-136.
27-Remotal sets in vector valued functions. Sci. Math. Jap. 63(2006)395-403 (with Al-Sharif)
28-Proximinality in L1(I,X). Turk. J. Math., 32, (2008), 187-195.
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36. Remotal sets and Krein Milman Type Theorem. 
J.non-conves linear analysis, 12(2011)5-15(with Sababha)
37. New Results on remotality in Banach spaces. Accepted. 
    Italian J. of Pure and applied mathematics(with Sababheh).
38. Proximinality in Operator Spaces, Scientiae Mathematicae Japonicae (2012), 249–257.(with Sababheh)
Geometry of Banach Spaces

1-Extreme points of the unit ball of Banach spaces. Toy. J. math. 4(1981)41-45.
2-Contractive operators of certain spaces, Coll. Math. XLIX(1985) 49-52.
3-Isometric multiplication of Hardy Orlicz spaces, Bull. Aust. Math. Soc. 34(1986)177-189 (with Marzuque, M. and Deeb, W).
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9-Extreme points and isometries of nuclearoperators in  Banach spaces. Bull. Inst. math.  acad.sinica.19(1991) 153-156 
(with Salih, M).
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16-Geometry of Modulus spaces. Georgian Mathematical Journal. 9(2002)295-302.
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18-Multi-smooth points in Banach spaces.. Missouri J. Math. 17(2005)76-87 (with Saleh).
19-Isometries of Orlisz Bochner spaces. To appear. Dirasat.      (with Khundugji and Hussein).
20-Extreme and Nice operators on certain function spaces. Math. Sci. Japan. 65(2007)1253-1260 (with Saleh).
21-orthogonality in Banach spaces Via best approximation.7(2012)419-430(with A. Alkhawaldah)
22. Extreme type Points in Banach spaces. 
       JJMS, 4(2011)103-113(with Shgairat)
23. Characterization of isometries via remotality. I.Math.Forum.
      5(2010) 29-32 (with Al-Dabbas)
Operator Ideals and Tensor Product Spaces

1-M-ideals in Banach spaces, Revista  colom. de math. XVIII(1984)33-40.
2-Tensor product of non locally convex topological vector spaces, Illinois J. Math. 30(1986)594- 601 (with Deeb, W.).
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7-Some stable of operator ideals. Arc. Math. 37(2001)125-130 (with Aziz, M).

Operator Theory

1-Spectrum of a class of Toeplitz. operators, J. Univ. Kuwt.7(1981),89-4 (Faour, N).
2-On some sequence spaces, Bull. Aust. Math. Soc.  25(1982)231-241.
3-Toeplitz operators on Banach spaces. Bull. U. M. I.                 6-2B(1983)229-239 (with Ali, F).
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10-Neumann Operators on Hilbert spaces. J. Inst. Math. and Com. Sci.14(2001)163-165.
11-Some remarks on minimal projections in tensor product spaces. International J. of Evolution equations no. 3(2009)369--378. 

Harmonic Analysis

1-Trace-Class norm  multipliers, Proc. Amer. Math. Soc. 79(1980)379-378.
2-The Hankel multipliers, Toyama math. journal. 3(1980)101-110.
3-On the algebra of multipliers, Canadian J. Math. XXXIII (1991)786-794.
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11(1984)41-47 (with Ayesh S).
9-A remark on Schur multipliers of operator spaces. International journal of mathematics. 3(2003)1411-414.

Complex Analysis
1.   The weak Behren property and the corona, Hokkaido. J. of 
 Math. VIII(1984)119-122 (with Deeb, W. and Younis, R).
2.  Some remarks on function algebras, Rend. conti. math.
    3.   Inclusions of Hardy Orlicz spaces, International  J. Math.

Semi-groups of Operators

1-One parameter semi groups of operators of Schatten classes Cp, Funkcialaj  Ekvacioj,32 (1989)389-394 (with Deeb, W).
2-Two parameter semi groups. J. of applied mathematics and Computational. 156(2004)403-414.(with Al-Sharif).
3-Hille Yoshida type inequality. Rendiconti del Seminario Matematico dell'Universita' e del Politecnico di Torino. 62(2004)165-176 (with Al-Sharif).
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5-Generators of C-semi groups. Math. Studi,27 (2007), no. 2, 139—148(with Al-Sharif)

6-Tensor product semigroups of operators. EJPAM, 3(2010)881-898.(with Edrissi and Al-Mirbati)
7-Positive tensor product semigroups of operators. IJAM,22(2009)793-798(with R. Al-Mirbati)
8- Remotality in Tensor product operators. Accepted.
(with Mirbati and Gharabli) 

Differential Equations
1.Tensor product technique and the homogenous Abstract 
     Cauchy problem. Journal of applied functional analysis, 
2.Tensor product technique and the non-homogenous 
      Abstract Cauchy Problem. IJAM, Volume 23 No. 1 2010, 137-158
3.Atomic solutions for certain inverse problems. EJPAM, 3(2010)
725-729(with L.Abdullah)

Fractional Calculus
1. Remarks on the fractional derivative. Accepted IJCAM.(with Al-Horani and Sababheh)
Computer Science
1.    Lambda type cal. J. of Inst. of math. and comp. sci.
    12(1999)213-219 (with Jabri etal.).

Books Published
1. Omer Al-Khayyam book of Algebra/Translated to English/
       Center for Moslem  contribution to civilizations
    2.    Differential equations. Dar Almanahij,
           Edition 1 1998. (in arabic)
           Edition 2/ 2007.
3.  Calculus I. Dar Hunain, (with D.Hussein)
      Edition 1 1995. (in Arabic) 
      Edition 2/ 2003 


Achievements and Awards

1) Kuwait University Prize for Outstanding 
     Students, 1971, 1972, 1973.

2) McGill University Award for 
      Distinguished graduate students 1976

3) Shuman Prize for Young Arab Mathematicians 1988   

4) Islamic organization for science prize/1997.

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