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Khawla Qamhieh

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Bahrain
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1966
  • Age: 55
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Ph.D.,Theoretical physics, Colloid and interface, Clarkson University, May 1990.
Bachelor degree of science, Physics- Education, The University of Jordan, June 1978.

-Preparation of research studies in: •Interparticle interactions in colloidal system •Computer simulation of colloidal suspensions. •Eloctrostatics in colloidal suspensions. •Structure and dynamics of charged colloid. •Microemulsion Phase behavior. •Stability and thermodynamics of DNA structures in solution and on surfaces both dielectric and metallic. •Interactions between DNA and cationic dendrimers. •Retention of multivalent Pollutants on bentonite clay.
Courses Taught: -Undergraduate: General Physics for freshman, Medical physics, Modern Physics, Electromagnetism , Computational physics, Optics and Logic, Phylosophy of science, Molecular and Biophysics. -Physics Graduate: Mathematical physics, Computational physics. -Graduate Science Education: Science Curriculum, Philosophy of science, Statistics, Educational Technology.

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