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Zainab Al Moheb

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1975
  • Age: 47
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Zainab Ibrahim al-Muhib (February 11, 1928 - 1975) was a Palestinian physician, considered the first Palestinian woman to practice medicine.

its inception
She was born in the "Hosh al-Shwish" area in the occupied city of Jerusalem, to her father, the Lebanese journalist Ibrahim al-Muhib, who decided to live in Palestine with his wife of Circassian origin, Safia al-Muhib. Through that school, I got to know the daughter of Mishri Bek, Rizkallah, the Consul of Egypt in Palestine. Zainab, who loved drawing, drew the attention of the Egyptian Consul, until he asked her to draw a painting of King Farouk, and he sent it to him. So the king rewarded her with a sum of money after he liked the picture.

study it
After finishing high school in 1941, Zainab decided to send a letter of thanks to King Farouk for the amount of money he sent, but she attached a number of words to the letter, which are: "I want a gift for my people, which is to study medicine to treat the poor like myself." Newspapers published Zainab's letter at the time, and King Farouk issued a royal decree to teach her medicine, making her the first Palestinian girl to study medicine. Zainab received her studies in Human Medicine and Surgery at King Fouad University in Cairo (Cairo University today). She finished her studies in 1951 and then obtained a certificate of practicing the profession from Cairo, according to which she joined the Higher Syndicate of Physicians there. Her fame extended to later become a doctor for princesses, before she became a private doctor for Queen Zain, mother of the late King Hussein bin Talal of Jordan.

her death
Al-Muhib died in the city of Jericho in 1975, thus becoming the first Palestinian female doctor.




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