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Honeda Ghanem

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Hunaida Ghanem is a Palestinian sociologist who directs the Palestinian Center for Israel Studies-Madar. She lives and works in Jerusalem.

Her academic studies
She holds a Ph.D., with distinction, in Political and Cultural Sociology from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, 2005. She also holds a postdoctoral scholarship at the Institute for Middle Eastern Studies at Harvard University. She has completed many studies, researches and published articles in the fields of political and cultural sociology, studies of social aspects and other topics, including: colonial policies in Palestine, the social role of the Palestinian intellectual after the Nakba, Judaism and nationalism in Israel.

Her career
Hunaida Ghanem is the Director General of the Palestinian Center for Israeli Studies - Madar in Ramallah. In addition, during her career, Hunaida Ghanem has given many lectures at several universities in the State of Palestine.

She is the editor-in-chief of the magazine "Israeli Issues" issued by Madar for 11 years in a row, specifically from 2000 until 2011, and in 2009 she held the position of editor-in-chief of the annual strategic report of Madar.

Published studies and books
Hunaida Ghanem is the author of a book entitled "Rebuilding the Nation: Palestinian Intellectuals in Israel", published by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Publishing House, 2009.

Honaida Ghanem has edited some books during her academic and professional career, which are:

On the Meaning of a Jewish state, published by the Palestinian Center for Israel Studies - Madar. It was published in English in 2014.
Editor of the book "Israel and Apartheid: A Comparative Study" with Azar Dakour, published by the Palestinian Center for Israel Studies - Madar, published in both English and Arabic in 2018.
Editor of the book "The Basic Law of Israel, the Nation-State of the Jewish People: Facts and Dimensions", published by the Palestinian Center for Israel Studies - Madar, published in Arabic in 2019.
Editor of the book "Recognition of the Jewish State", published by the Palestinian Center for the Study of Israeli Affairs - Madar. Released in 201.
She has many articles published in various research journals, including:

Hunaida Ghanem, “Erasure and Creation in the Zionist Colonial Project,” Journal of Palestine Studies, vol. 96 (Autumn 2013).
Hunaida Ghanem, "Transforming Jerusalem into Jerusalem: On the Policies of Judaization, Eradication, Replacement and Resistance", Journal of Palestinian Studies, p. 33 (2015).
Hunaida Ghanem, "Borders and the Secret Life of Daily Resistance: The Palestinian Village of Marjah 1949-1967", Journal of Palestine Studies, p. 102 (Spring 2015).
Hunaida Ghanem, “Resurrectional Peace: The Deal of the Century or the Ruin that Promises Prosperity,” Journal of Palestine Studies, p. 122 (Spring 2020).



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