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Raef Zureik

Raef Zureik

Sector : Academic Figures, Law

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1965
  • Age: 57
  • Curriculum vitae :


Raef Zureik (born in 1965) is a Palestinian jurist, academic researcher and writer, best known in the field of justice and law. He focuses his research on issues related to legal and political theory and issues of citizenship and identity. He was born in the village of Eilaboun in the lower eastern Galilee inside occupied Palestine in 1965.


his study

He is a law graduate of both the Hebrew University and Columbia University. He obtained his first degree and then a master's degree in law from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and after several years he joined Columbia University in New York, where he obtained a master's degree in law. He received his doctorate from Harvard Law School, and his doctoral thesis dealt with the concept of legal right in the philosopher Kant.


His career

Raif Zureik worked as an associate editor for the magazine “Cases” issued by the Palestinian Center for Israeli Studies “Madar” in Ramallah, and he is also a member of the editorial board of the Journal of Palestine Studies. His publications focus on political philosophy, legal theory, citizenship and the politics of citizenship.


He is also the author of the book “The Palestinian Issue and the State/Two-State Solution”, which is considered a contribution to the ongoing debate on the state and the two-state solution, especially regarding the obstruction of the settlement horizon and the ongoing negotiating crisis.


He currently teaches law at the Carmel Academic College in Haifa, and is the academic director of the Minerva Center for the Humanities at Tel Aviv University.


Among his publications

In addition to his academic publications, Raif Zureik writes opinion pieces for various platforms in Arabic and Hebrew, including the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Rumman website, and the discontinued Lebanese newspaper As-Safir.


Exiting the scene, Carmel Magazine, 1999.

Edward Said and the Role of the Intellectual, Journal of Palestine Studies, 2019.

How Silence Speaks and Silence Speaks, 2016.

Israel: Ideological and Historical Background, Israel Handbook, 2011.

Oslo's Unintended Results, 2013.

Reading in the Israeli present, 2016.

Big stone in sewage water, 2011.

Why the Jewish State Now?, 2011.

One-state solution? From Struggle to Death to the Master-Abed Dialectic, 2011.




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