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Maha Shehadeh

Maha Shehadeh

Sector : Cultural Figures , Novelists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Female
  • Age: 0
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Maha Shehadeh General Manager of Tafakkur center for training and educational development Researcher and global trainer in Building child’s character, teaching thinking strategies, and teaching Tafakkur worship systematically Author of Tafakkar with Annoos Curriculum Innovator of Tafakkur Educational Model Innovator of the methodical vision for the school of the future “Tafakkur school” the creative moral school Innovator of The Integrated Model for generating moral behavior Masters in Educational psychology Higher Diploma in Education Bachelor in computer science Married and has four children Tafakkur center for training and educational development Educational institution based on scientific and experimental research to provide educational institutes with innovated and practical tools to help them achieve their educational goals, depending on an integrated perspective, combines originality and up to date educational theories; to help in building the identity and character of children in light of our Islamic values. At the same time, benefits from worldwide expertise in the area of education, especially with respect to character building, cognitive development, intelligence and creativity. Expert trainers in:Educational Development Teaching ‘Tafakkur’ systematically Cultivating Giftedness and Creativity Building Characters

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