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Reem Hussein

Sector : Cultural Figures , Artists

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  • Country of residence : United States
  • Gender : Female
  • Age : 0
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Reem Hussein, a Palestinian-American living in the United States, says her work is not necessarily political, but does grow out of the frustration she feels being who and what she is.
"I think it is more spiritually inspired and the way that came about was just through a lot of the frustration that I have towards the issues that we are involved in," Ms. Hussein said. "Me being an Arab-American woman living in the United States, being born here, raised here and not being really accepted by the people, the country of my birth, or the people in it."
Ms. Hussein's paintings include scriptures from the Koran written with Arabic calligraphy on a simply painted background. But not all the works in the show are overtly religious or Palestinian or Arab.



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