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Lara Alian

Lara Alian

Sector : Cultural Figures , Artists

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Jordan
  • Gender : Female
  • Born in : 1983
  • Age : 38
  • Curriculum vitae :


She received her BA in Sociology from the University of Jordan in 2005. Her singing talent appeared since childhood, and during her university studies, she joined the university choir and participated in choir concerts inside and outside Jordan. She started practicing the oud at the Jordan Academy of Music in 2002 with music teacher Omar Abbad, and performed with him many concerts. A founding member of the Sharq Art Troupe, which was established in 2006, where she participated in many concerts with this band. She has held many concerts and private artistic participations or with the participation of bands such as (authentic melody, Sharq, Naya..etc) inside and outside Jordan (Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Istanbul, Azerbaijan, Cyprus, Tunisia, Algeria, Norway and France) she received a scholarship to study Singing and Oud at the National Conservatory of Music in 2008 and participated in the Institute's many concerts. She participated in the Guardians of Memory Festival, organized by the El Hannouna Folklore Troupe, in an artistic evening that brought her together with the Lebanese poet Talal Haidar, who praised her voice and talent. She participated through the Sharq Ensemble in the International Maqam Festival in (Baku, Azerbaijan) and they won the Bronze Award for singing. She performed concerts at the World Social Forum that was held in Tunisia at the beginning of 2013. She participated in the Nafs Opera show in Algeria, the international musician Tarek Ben Waraka with a group of artists and accompanied by the French PASDELOUP orchestra, and then recorded the work in the studios "Studio DAVOUT" in France. In late 2013, she performed several concerts in Norway. In 2014, she participated in the "Hay" festival at El Geneina Theater in Egypt. She performed several national and Arab concerts by presenting patriotic and resistance songs to Arab artists committed to the causes of their homeland and nation, and special concerts for the revival of the Palestinian and Arab heritage, as heritage is an essential element of the Arab identity. In addition to its focus on committed national art, it sings about human issues wherever they are and is keen to combine beautiful literary text with advanced artistic content in performance.

Lara is one of the most important members of the Sharq and Naya band and the Amman band for Arab music, and has held many concerts and artistic participations inside and outside Jordan (Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Istanbul, Azerbaijan). She received a scholarship to study singing and oud at the National Conservatory of Music in 2008 and participated in the institute's many concerts.


Achievements and Awards

Her concerts:
Guardians of Memory ceremony in Amman 12/22/2010.
The Jordanian Writers Association Technical Evening in Amman 16/08/2008.
A concert "The Earth Speaks Arabic" by the Jordan Academy of Music band and choir in Amman 01/31/2011.
An artistic evening at the House of Music in Amman 09/31/2011.

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