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Hanaa Al-Ramli

Hanaa Al-Ramli

Sector : Cultural Figures , Writers

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1961
  • Age: 60
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Hana Salah Al-Din Al-Ramli is a Palestinian-Jordanian engineer, writer, researcher, lecturer and activist in the field of information technology and Internet culture. Public libraries in poor areas, refugee camps and orphan associations.

Hana was born on October 7, 1961 in the city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia to a Palestinian father (Salah al-Din al-Ramli) and a Syrian mother (Nadia Haj Qassem), who were both displaced from Jaffa in Palestine following the 1948 Nakba. Hana graduated from the Civil Engineering Department of Tishreen University in 1983 Hana moved with her family to live in a number of Arab countries, and she is currently residing between Amman in Jordan and Montreal in Canada.

Hana is considered one of the first Arab writers to have published their articles and thoughts in Arabic since 1996 on the Naseej website. She has also published a number of articles specialized in information technology in a number of technology websites and Arab and Canadian newspapers since 1996. Hana is considered one of the first women who designed Arabic websites that provide Public services for users since the beginnings of the Internet, where the Hana Net Cards website was designed in 2000, and the Palestinian cartoonist Naji Al-Ali website in 2002.

In 2005, Hana won the award for creative female engineers at the Jordanian Engineers Association, and in 2007 Hana directed the movie “The Icon,” which talks about Handala. (life changer) from Save the Children and the Swedish Diakonia Foundation, and in the same year the Swedish media gave her the title "The Woman Who Fights Poverty with Books".

In 2013, Hana was recognized as the world's most inspiring success story in the field of encouraging reading, with her initiative entitled "My Book is Your Book", and as a result she was a guest speaker on the initiative in a number of lectures in Sweden and at the Gothenburg International Book Fair. In 2014, Facebook chose her as a social activist and the owner of an important success story in using Facebook in community work and activating community initiatives. She was also chosen to participate in a dialogue between the management of Facebook and Pakistani activist Malala Yousafzai.

Hana also worked on many initiatives, projects and awareness campaigns in the field of Internet culture. In 2004, she launched the "Community Internet Culture" program to raise awareness of the best ways for the conscious, responsible and civilized use of Internet users of all ages, and in 2012 she worked on the "Internet Sun - Sunbirds", which aims to rehabilitate orphaned girls in refugee camps, by using the Internet to develop their skills and hobbies, and using the Internet as a media platform to convey their voice to the world.

Since 2013, Hana has been working in the field of Internet culture in the "Digital" program on Radio Monte Carlo International, and in 2014 Hana gave a series of lectures in the Amman Municipality and its centers entitled "The Internet and the Family - More Advantages Less Risks".

In 2015, Hana worked on the “Internet Generation Trust and Safety” project, which aims to educate children and young people about ways to protect against cyberbullying and sexual harassment online, through training workshops in Greater Amman Municipality’s libraries and cultural centers, and in the same year she worked On the “Internet Generation Without Borders” project, which consisted of online lectures and dialogues with school and university students through the Internet in several Arab countries.


Achievements and Awards

Founder and President of the Kitabi Your Book Association for Child and Family Culture.
Member of the Jordanian Engineers Syndicate.
Member of the administrative board of the Arab Internet Writers Union.
Member of the Board of Directors and Chairperson of the Culture and Media Committee at the Fondation Canado-Palestineenne du Québec, the Canadian Palestinian Foundation, Quebec State, Canada.


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