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Samia Alatout

Sector : Cultural Figures , Writers

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Jordan
  • Gender: Female
  • Born in: 1957
  • Age: 65
  • Curriculum vitae :


Personal information

  • Nationality: Jordanian Palestinian
  • City of birth: Nablus 1957
  • Academic qualifications: Bachelor of Contemporary Mathematics
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Phone: 0792881308
  • Address PO Box 142612 Postal Code 11844 Amman-Jordan


Samia Alatout

  • Storyteller, novelist and researcher – leader of the Story and Fiction Committee (2017-2018)/ Jordanian Writers Association
  • Worked in the field of banking, information technology, human resource management and the press.
  • I author short stories, poetry, novels, studies and political and cultural articles in newspapers and magazines.
  • Several of my stories were translated into a number of languages including English, Italian, Russian, and Hindi among others. Many of my texts are studied and taught in universities across the world including Jordan, Italy and the United States. Numerous doctoral dissertations and theses have explored its impact on the contemporary short story literature.
  •  I participated in a number of local, Arab and international cultural, intellectual and creative events, conferences, seminars and festivals. Most recently, I participated in the “Fifth Amman Short Story Forum” in Amman, Jordan in 2017.
  • I prepared translations in various fields from English to Arabic.


Experience (in brief)

  • Arab Bank (assistant manager) 9/1979-1/2003
  • Al-Dustour newspaper journalist 1990-1998
  • Editor of the weekly (Science and Life) page
  • Author of political, scientific and cultural articles
  • Local and Arab newspapers and magazines
  • Writing political, cultural and intellectual articles in local and Arab newspapers
  • Preparing critical studies for local and Arab newspapers and magazine, as well as various studies and research
  • Ministry of culture: restructuring project
  • Participation in a number of local. Arab and international cultural, intellectual and creative events, conferences, seminars and festivals.

Publications - Story Collections

  • Sound Absorbing Walls: Special Edition – Amman 1986
  • Female Rituals: The Egyptian General Book Organization (Dr. Souad Al-Sabah Award) – Cairo 1990
  • Female Rituals: (Second Edition) Al-Osra Library – Cairo 1997
  • Tarboush (Fez) Mozart: The Arab Institute for Studies and Publishing – Beirut 1998
  • The Pants of Sedition: Ministry of Culture – Amman 2002
  • The Bell Ringer: Publications of the Greater Amman Municipality – Amman 2008
  • Picasso Café: Dar Al-Farabi – Beirut 2012
  • Tarboush (Fez) Mozart: Second edition, Ministry of Culture, Family Library Project - Amman 2013
  • Like A Blessed Corpse: Al- Ahlia House of Publishing and Distribution – Beirut 2018


Publications - Novels

  • Coming and Going to the Square: A Graphic Novel- Arab House of Science Publishers – Beirut 2013
    • The novel was published with the support of the Arab Fund for Culture and Arts – Afaq. It has been translated into Italian. The translated version was issued in Rome 2018


    Publications – Texts

  • (A Buddhist) Barefoot – Greater Amman Municipality – Amman 2016


    Publications - Collaborations; Novels and story collections

  • Selections from the short story in Jordan – Ministry of Culture/Amman 1992
  • The Other Voice: Ugarit Center / Rammallah 1999 (Anthology of short stories by women writers)
  • JORDANIAN FICTION – 1993: An anthology of modern Jordanian fiction literature (English) – Ministry of Culture Amman – 1993
  • Poetic Spaces: Syria Aleppo 1999
  • The Book of Place: Creative texts, Ministry of Culture - Amman 2003
  • Naji Al-Ali … A pulse still within Us – 2012 (collaboration)


Publications - Anthology

  • Book: JORDANIAN FICTION – 1993 – Fahed Salameh – Jordanian Ministry of Culture
  • Book: Under a Starlit Sky Jordanian Voices,  The Anthology of the Short Story in Jordan by Dr. Amina Amin from the American Publishing House (O Books) 2010
  • Short Stories from Jordan selected and translated by Rula Quawas July 2013


In press

  • Farewell to the Land of Milk and Honey (The Zionist Mentality in the Tiniest House in the World) – A literary Analytical Book
  • The Tattoo Dynasty – A narrative combining the story and novel
  • The Stairs breathe a Sigh of Relief – Prose poems


In development

  • Analytical and Documentary Book Project
  • Memoir
  • Novella



  • The Arab Writers Union
  • Jordanian Writers Associations
  • Member of the Poetry Committee (Jerash Festival( 1990/1991
  • A jury member in the Children’s Literature Competition / Shoman Foundation
  • Member of the editorial board of Afkar magazine (Ministry of Culture) 2005/2006
  • Member of the editorial committee of the Ministry of Culture website 2007/2008
  • Member of the Arab Union for Internet Writers
  • Member of the editorial board of “Tyke” magazine 2010-current
  • Rapporteur of the Story and Fiction Committee – Jordanian Writers Association 2017-2018

Achievements and Awards


  • First place in the Arab prize (Intellectual Creativity among Arab Youth – 1990) for the collection (Female Rituals), which was published in Cairo by the Egyptian General Book Organization
  • Competition (Atl Arabi Magazine) for the short story 2008
  • Naji Al-Numan Creative Award for Work Done 2014
  • Guest of Honor - The fourth Amman Short Story Forum 2015
  • Long listed for Al-Multaqa Prize for Arabic Short Story 2018 for the collections “Like a Blessed Corpse”

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