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George Zenati

George Zenati

Sector : Cultural Figures , Writers

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Lebanon
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1935
  • Age: 87
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Georges Zenati (1935 - January 22, 2021) is a Palestinian-Lebanese academic, researcher and translator. He presented a group of philosophical and intellectual works that researched various topics, in addition to making several translations, perhaps the most important of which are the works of the French thinker Paul Ricoeur.


his career

Zenati was born in the Palestinian city of Haifa, from which he was displaced with his family in 1948 towards the Lebanese capital, Beirut, where he spent his youthful years, before moving in the late sixties to the French capital, Paris, to continue his studies, where he obtained a doctorate at the University of Paris in 1972, under the supervision of The thinker Paul Ricoeur, then worked as a teacher at the University of Zaire Lubumbashi in the Congo between 1973 and 1977, before returning to Beirut to work as a professor of modern and contemporary philosophy and graduate studies, in the faculties of education and literature at the Lebanese University, and at some point in his academic career in France he headed Editing the "Al-Fath" magazine.


his works


1964: Eternal Thirst, Commercial Office for Printing, Distribution and Publishing

1993: Journeys Inside Western Philosophy, University Foundation for Studies, Publishing and Distribution, (ISBN 6144780297)

2002: Philosophy in its Path, Conditions and Times for Printing, Publishing and Distribution, (ISBN 9789959296115)

2018: Freedom and Violence, The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, (ISBN 6144452036)

2019: The Philosophy and Impact of Ibn Bajja, The Arab Center for Research and Policy Studies, (ISBN 614445263X)


1993: "The Passions of the Soul", by René Descartes

2005: "The Self Same as Other", by Paul Ricoeur

2008: "A History of Catholicism", by Yves Brolly

2008: "History of Byzantium", Jean-Claude Chenet

2009: “Memory,” “History, Oblivion,” by Paul Ricoeur

2009: "Moral Philosophy", by Monique Canto-Sperber and Reuven Ojian

2020: "Averroes of Disquieting", Jean-Baptiste Brunet

Achievements and Awards


His book "The Same Self as Another" (translated from French into Arabic) won the Sheikh Zayed Book Award in 2007, in the translation category. He also received the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Prize for Translation in 2011, in the field of "Humanities from Other Languages into Arabic", for his translation of the book "Memory, History, Oblivion" from the French language; For the thinker Paul Ricoeur, the prize is shared equally with Muhammad Badawi, for his translation of the book “The Interpretation of Cultures” from the English language, by Clifford Geertz.


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