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Jasir Amouri

Sector : Cultural Figures , Poets

Personal Info

  • Country of residence: Palestine
  • Gender: Male
  • Born in: 1935
  • Age: 87
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Jasser Ibrahim Ahmed Ammouri (October 25, 1935 - ) is a Palestinian-Jordanian poet. He was born in the city of Tulkarm, grew up and studied there. His father was one of the figures of the 1936 Palestine Revolution. He obtained an intermediate diploma in 1955 at the Teachers' House in Amman, then traveled to Iraq to complete his higher studies, and joined the University of Basra. He obtained several certificates in civil engineering, city planning and project management. He worked as a teacher in his homeland for the secondary stage from 1956 until 1965. He worked as an engineer in Kuwait, Iraq and Yemen. He has many poetry collections and books on other topics.

Jasir Ibrahim Ammouri was born on October 25, 1935 / Rajab 28, 1354 in Tulkarm in Mandatory Palestine and grew up there. He studied high school at Al-Fadhliyah Secondary School there in 1953, then joined the Teachers’ House in Amman and obtained an intermediate diploma in 1955. He belonged to the Arab Socialist Ba’ath Party in 1953, then traveled to Iraq to complete his higher studies, and joined the University of Basra. He obtained several certificates from it, a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering in 1969, a higher diploma in urban planning in 1987, and a master’s in project management in 1989. He received a doctorate in civil engineering from McGraw-Hill Education in 2011.
After graduating from the Teachers’ House, he worked as a teacher in Tulkarm for the secondary stage at Al-Fadhilah School from 1956 to 1965, and as a teacher at Kadoorie College in the city, during which he worked as the director of Tulkarm Municipality for a period of time. Then he turned to the field of civil engineering and project management and worked as an engineer in Kuwait, The public and private sectors, as a supervisor and a contractor, until he left it in the summer of 1978. During his work in Kuwait, he was appointed head of the branch of the General Union of Palestinian Engineers there, the same position he also occupied during his work in Iraq, when the Palestinian engineers chose him as the head of their union branch in Iraq.

Then he returned to Iraq and worked in his engineering specialization, until 1991 as a contractor and general manager of Al-Basel Corporation for Engineering Contracting and International Trade, he supervised the establishment of the Novotel Baghdad Hotel. He returned to Jordan in 1991 and worked as a project manager in 2008. He also supervised the establishment of a number of engineering projects in Yemen until his retirement in 2010.
He is a member of the Jordanian Writers Union, and an elected member of the Orient House for Thought and Culture, the Jordanian Engineers Association, and others.

his personal life
His father is Ibrahim Amouri, one of the most prominent figures in the Palestine Revolution of 1936, and his younger brother is Muhammad Jihad, a Fatah movement figure.


Achievements and Awards

Awards and Honors
1955: First place in the Jordanian Short Story Prize, for his story “This is the Wheel of Life.”
1955: Scientific Devices Award from Teachers House in Tulkarm.
He won the Jordanian Prime Minister's Cup.
2011: The Medal of High Excellence for Poetry from the Ibdaa Cultural Center for the Distinguished in Egypt for his entire poetic production.
March 26, 2016: The House of Arabic Poetry honored him at the headquarters of the Jordanian Writers Association.



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