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Ibrahim Naser

Ibrahim Naser

Sector : Media , Directors

Personal Info

  • Country of residence : Lebanon
  • Gender : Male
  • Born in : 1942
  • Age : 69
  • Curriculum vitae :


Ibrahim Nasser was born in the town of Rammon - Ramallah in 1942. Finished his primary and secondary schools in Ramallah and Amman, and continued his studies at the Lebanese University in Beirut * * Department of History. Joined the unit to work with movies in Palestine in 1968, which is the nucleus of the current Palestinian Cinema Foundation was filmed a large number of photographs. Have received hands-on first training course in cinematography in 1973 in Cinema Foundation on Iraqi television He was in charge of the branch of the Palestinian Cinema Foundation in Damascus, and from 1970 to 1974 He then moved to the center in Beirut, Lebanon as an administrator assistant Devoted his life to the young, to convey to the world through his Camera features of the stages of the Palestinian revolutionary struggle in the face of the brutal Zionist attacks on border villages in southern Lebanon and Palestinian refugee camps also took part in covering events, photographs and film the Palestinian and plots that were exposed over the years of revolution, her struggle.

Achievements and Awards

Photographed films and participate in the filming and directed the following films:

- Participate in the filming of “Kafr Shuba”, 1975.
- Participate in the filming “on the road to victory” in 1975.
- Participate in the filming “eye Palestine” in 1976.
- Participate in the filming of “Tel Zaatar” in 1977.
- Photos “visions of a Palestinian” in 1978.
- Participated in the filming and directed “speaking Cinema newspaper” fourth issue in 1978.
- Participating in the filming and directing “Cinema newspaper” fifth issue in 1978.
- Represent and participate in several international film festivals

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